Paul Heyman Behind Using Superstar On WWE RAW

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Paul Heyman is the Executive Director of RAW, so it’s always a good thing if he has your back. This is getting one Cruiserweight on RAW much more often.

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Akira Tozawa was in the Last Chance Gauntlet Match this week on RAW. He lost very quickly, but at least he got on the show. It didn’t seem to do much for him, but there is a reason why he keeps showing up on RAW in smaller roles.

Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that Paul Heyman is a fan of Akira Tozawa. This is why Tozawa keeps appearing on the red brand.

We’ll have to see if those smaller roles will amount to anything larger for Tozawa. He is also in the NXT Cruiserweight Tournament on NXT.

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