Welcome to Ringside News’ live results coverage of AEW Dynamite.

Tonight’s Dynamite is set to be a big one according to Tony Khan, but the man has a tendency to over-promise. Regardless, tonight’s show will see Lance Archer face Dustin Rhodes and Cody Vs. Darby Allin in the two semi-final matches of the TNT Championship Tournament.

Elsewhere tonight, Kip Sabian and Jimmy Havoc will take on the Best Friends in a No DQ/No Count-Out match. Brodi Lee will face Marko Stunt in what will surely be a back and forth epic. And Jon Moxley will be on the show to welcome a new challenger to the AEW World Heavyweight Championship.

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AEW opens with Chris Jericho and Tony Schiavone on commentary, running down the card for tonight’s show.

TNT Championship Tournament

Cody W/Brandi Rhodes Vs. Darby Allin

The match gets underway and the former friends come to the middle of the ring for a staredown. Darby hits the ropes but Cody shoulder tackles him. Cody forces Allin to the corner but Darby breaks out and hits a roll-up, then he and Cody exchange pin attempts. Cody’s leg is hurting from last week and Darby takes advantage with a chop block.

Darby drags Cody from the ring but gets kicked into the barricade. Cody drags Darby around ringside and inadvertently sends him into Brandi Rhodes! Cody gets mad and hits Allin with a pump kick, then checks on Brandi. We head to the break as Cody gets Darby back into the ring.

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Back live and Cody hits Allin with a stalling suplex for a two-count. Cody hits Darby with a knee in the gut, then applies a bow-and-arrow stretch. Darby breaks out but Cody immedaitely stomps him down in the corner. Rhodes hits a front suplex from the top rope.

Cody stomps Darby, then goes to a single leg Boston crab. Darby reaches the ropes, then counters a suplex to hit another chop block. Darby lands some strikes and a Code Red for a two-count. Darby hands Cody in the tree of woe and hits a running hip attack.

Cody rolls from the ring to regroup but Britt Baker cracks him with a shoe at ringside. Allin brings Cody back inside and hits a chop block, then headbutts the leg. Cody gets chopped in the corner as we head to the commercial break.

*Commercial Break*

We return to see Cody connect with a lariat out of the corner. Cody hits an uppercut and a release suplex. Disaster Kick from Cody, then he takes the belt off but the referee takes it away. Darby hits Cody with the CrossRhodes for a near-fall. Darby goes to a Figure Four and we see Brandi come limping back out with a bottle of water.

Drby takes the water from Brandi and hits Cody with it, then hits a springboard but Codt catches him for a ripcord lariat. Cody swings for another clothesline but Darby counters with a float-over Stunner. Darby attempts a springboard but Cody catches him and hits the CrossRhodes…but Darby kicks out! Cody takes to the top rope and jumps for a Coffin Drop but Darby gets his knees up. Allin then heads up top and hits a Coffin Drop of his own but Cody turns over and pins Darby.

Winner: Cody

Cody advances to the finals of the TNT Championship Tournament. Later tonight Lance Archer will face Dustin Rhodes in the other semi-final match.

*Commercial Break*

We get an injury update from MJF, who says he saw his doctor again this past week and the unthinkable has happened: his hand has not only healed, but it overhealed and is now the strongest hand in the world. Unfortunately, he cut his neck shaving and now he’s made wear a neck brace. And it sucks because he couldn’t wait to fly in a germ-infested plane to perform in front of six or seven of his peers. But rest assured, he will be back.

Wardlow Vs. Musa

The bell rings and Musa runs into a one-handed spinebuster. Wardlow slams Musa into the buckles and delivers some shoulders. Musa manages to drop Wardlow to one knee, but then he’s lifted onto the top rope and pulled down into a knee to the face. Wardlow takes the straps down and hits a release airplane spin for the win.

Winner: Wardlow

Still to come, a Jon Moxley announcement, Brodi Lee in action, and Lance Archer Vs. Dustin Rhodes.

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We get the third instalment of The Bubbly Bunch. They argue over who won the Tik Tok dance challenge last week. They have a fight through their phones, like the stuntman video that went viral this week. The video included The Inner Circle, Sonny Kiss, Jungle Boy, Luther, Lou Ferigno, Corey Taylor, Jay & Silent Bob, Fluffy Iglesias, Hornswoggle, Vickie Guerrero, and more.

No Rules Match

Best Friends W/Orange Cassidy Vs. Jimmy Havoc & Kip Sabian W/Penelope Ford

The match begins with the heels attacking the babyfaces as they enter the ring. Best Friend clear the ring adn Trent dives over the ropes onto them. Jimmy grabs a chair and hits both Trent and Chuck with it, then clocks Orange Cassidy with it.

Chucky T attacks Havoc but winds up getting suplexed onto a half dozen chairs. Havoc lifts the chair, looking for a Con-Chair-To on Chuck but Trent spears him. Kip Sabian comes over the ropes with a tope onto Trent, then Havoc tosses a chair into Taylor’s face.

Back in the ring, Sabian whips Trent chest-first into the buckles and Havoc slides a small ladder inside. Jericho makes fun of them for still making tags and standing on the apron when there’s no rules. Havoc throws a ladder into Trent in the corner, then puts it between the ropes and catapults Trent into it. Sabian tags back in and he kicks the back of Trent, then Havoc tags back in and pokes Trent in the eyes.

Taylor comes back to break a pin attempt but immedaitely gets tossed back out. They put Trent on a chair in the corner, then Jimmy whips Kip and he leaps but Trent moves and he crashes into the chair. Trent and Chuck grab a chair each and throw them Havoc, then hug. Trent hits a snap dragon suplex to Sabian for a near-fall.

Taylor wedges a chair between the ropes, but Kip tosses him into it and he falls to the outside. Trent hits Kip with a tornado DDT, then a running knee using the chair but Havoc makes the save. Trent drops Havoc and hits Kip with a chair, then goes up top. Havoc drops Trent onto the propped ladder then smashes him onto a chair and Kip follows-up with a double stomp on the chair but Taylor breaks the pinfall.

Havoc grabs Chuck but Taylor escapes and hits a scoop slam onto a chair. Chuck grabs Kip and hits a piledriver onto a chair but Penelope pulls him off the pinfall. Havoc hits Chuck with a back body drop onto a ladder in the corner, then lifts him up but Cassidy comes back and throws a chair at Havoc. Kip grabs Cassidy and Ford looks to kick him but hits Sabian instead!

Ford then tries to spear OC but hits Kip again and they’re both down against the barricade. Cassidy goes up top but Havoc shoves him off to the floor…where he lands on Sabian and Ford. Chuck then grabs Havoc and hits a running piledriver for the win.

Winners: Best Friends

*Commercial Break*

We see a video of Britt Baker at work, instructing someone on what to say and to be sure to call her Doctor. Baker then says certain people can’t be role models; glasses wearers, snaggle-tooths, wannabes, and fat people. For each of which she showed a picture of Tony Schiavone.

Shawn Spears Vs. Baron Black

The match gets underway and Black takes Spears down but Shawn powers his way out. Spearsa puts him in the corner and hits a big chop, then flexes his glutes. Black lands some chops and an elbow but Spears flips a switch and batters him down.

Spears hits a suplex, then looks for a secong but Black lands on his feet and chops Spears a few times. Black runs at Spears but gets dropped with a boot. Spears hits the C4, then applies a Sharpshooter and Black taps.

Winner: Shawn Spears

After the break we will hear from Jon Moxley. And still to come, Brodi Lee Vs. Marko Stunt, and Lance Archer Vs. Dustin Rhodes.

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Brodi Lee Vs. Marko Stunt

The bell rings and Stunt runs at Lee but gets thrown away, twice. Marko slaps Lee, then ducks two lariats and runs into a boot. Brodi puts Marko in the corner and chops his chest a few times. Lee lifts Stunt and throws him, then leaves the ring.

Stunt looks for a suicide dive but gets caught, set down, and superkicked. Marko gets back in the ring at 9, then Lee tries to throw him over his head but Marko lands on his feet. Marko jumps at Lee from the middle rope but gets caught with a spinning sidewalk slam. Brodi hits a sit-out powerbomb for the win.

Winner: Brodi Lee

We see a video of Jon Moxley in the desert. He says it’s incredible that it was only eight weeks ago that he won the AEW World Championship in front of fans, and since then the whole world has changed. He promises one day he’ll be bleeding and swearing in front of fans again, but in the meantime there’s a lot to be thankful for; his wife, steel chairs, and that AEW will be live next week. He’s got a target on his back with Double Or Nothing coming up but anyone that steps up against him does it at their own risk. He finishes by telling people to support local businesses and call their grandmothers.

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TNT Championship Tournament

Lance Archer Vs. Dustin Rhodes W/Brandi Rhodes

The match gets underway with a lock-up and Lance forces Rhhodes to the corner. Dustin ducks a shot and throws some hands at Archer. Dustin runs at Archer and hits a wall, then gets dropped with a shoulder and he rolls to the outside to regroup with Brandi.

Dustin comes back in and tosses Lance to the outside, where he hits a rolling senton from the apron. Back in the ring, Dustin beats Archer in the corner and attempts a snap powerslam but Lance doesn’t budge. Archer hits a pounce that knocks Rhodes to the floor. Archer grabs a chair from under the ring and looks to hit Dustin but Rhodes kicks it away. Rhodes grabs the chair but Archer kicks it into his face. Rhodes is bust open and Archer punches his forehead before slamming him into the apron.

*Commercial Break*

Back live and Archer is beating the crimson head of Dustin Rhodes. Lance takes Rhodes outside and slams him into the timekeeper’s table. Archer seeks the count-out but Rhodes gets back in, only for Archer to kick him right back out. This time Archer goes out and osses Rhodes back into the ring and slams his head into the turnbuckles.

Archer kicks the back of Dustin, then hits a release suplex. Rhodes rallies and beats Lance into the corner, then hits Shattered Dreams but Archer no-sells it and takes Rhodes down and punches him. Jericho Compares Archer to Michael Myers as he pulls the nose and jaw of Rhodes.

*Commercial Break*

We’re back with Rhodes in the exact position we left – because these are taped shows with no actual breaks – and Dustin starts to fight up. Rhodes counters Lance and hits Code Red but couldn’t make the pin. Rhodes punches Archer and he laughs, then they trade shots until Dustin ducks a few and drops him with a lariat.

Rhodes hits his signature uppercut, followed by the snap powerslam. Rhodes hist ten punches in the corner but Archer grabs him for a chokeslam but its countered with the CrossRhodes for a one count! Rhodes goes up top and jumps right into a Chokeslam for a near-fall. Archer walks the ropes like Undertaker and hits a moonsault for a near-fall.

A little back and forth until Archer hits a Chokeslam, then Rhodes rolls him up for a near-fall. Archer drops Dustin with a big boot, then he rips the turnbuckle pad off. Archer slams Rhodes into the exposed turnbuckle a few times. QT Marshall comes down and is about to throw the towel in but Cody stops him. Cody asks Dustin to give up but Archer yanks him back to the middle of the ring and slams his head into the mat over and over, then pins him with a knee on the throat.

Winner: Lance Archer

After the bell Cody runs into the ring with Marshall and Brandi to check on Dustin and Lance just stares at them and smiles. Lance will meet Cody in the final of the TNT Championship Tournament.

And that’s it for this week’s Dynamite. Let us know what you thought and be sure to check out our NXT results. Until next time, good health!

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