WWE Coronavirus Safety Measure Might Not Be Helping


WWE is taking a ton of safety procedures to make sure that the Performance Center is safe for taping. Triple H stated during the company’s last investors’ call that they are using a spray that kills COVID-19 and keeps it away for 90 to 120 days.

During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer noted that the product that Triple H praised so much during the company’s earnings report doesn’t do everything they said. It seems to only kill bacteria which wouldn’t kill the novel coronavirus.

“It’s something that kills bacteria, but this virus is not bacteria. It is something completely different. So I think he either misspoke or he was mislead. There’s nobody that has done any experiments — like when he said that this thing will kill the virus for 90 to 120. I was like, ‘nobody knows this and if it was possible every hospital in the United States would have it.”

It was also noted that “I don’t know if someone sold him a bill of goods.” Using a spray that kills all bacteria is very helpful, but it might not necessarily target COVID-19.

The product description on the Allied BioScience website does not note that it kills viruses.

Protect your spaces with Allied BioScience. Our revolutionary always-on antimicrobial coatings inhibit recontamination for safer surfaces everywhere. Applied with electrostatic spray technology, coatings are transformed into super-fine, surface-seeking droplets creating a protective barrier that eliminates places where microbes can hide and keeps surfaces continuously protected for up to 90 days.

Hopefully, all of the effort that WWE is going through will help keep the novel coronavirus away. They are using a lot more cleaning techniques than just one spray.

If you use the quotes in this article credit Ringside News

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