Watch The Rock Sing Moana Song For Daughter Before Bedtime

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The Rock has a family at home, and they are obviously fans of his films as well. Moana is still a popular film, especially with his daughter Tia.

The Great One revealed a video of himself singing “You’re Welcome” from the hit Disney animated film Moana. Dwayne Johnson sings the song in the movie, but he also reprises this role for Tia.

And for the 1,927th time I will sing “You’re Welcome” to baby Tia as part of our nightly daddy/daughter negation to go to bed!
It. Never. Ends. 🎶💤😩😂
But truth is, spending all this time at home with my ladies has been a real silver lining blessing in this craziness we’re all experiencing.
And for the record, she still has no idea that her daddy is actually, “Maui” from Moana. 

Tia knew some of the words to her father’s song. She helped fill in a few of them to make this a duet.

This is a rare look at The Rock’s home life that fans rarely see. It’s nice to see that Tia appreciates her father’s eclectic filmography as much as the rest of us.

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