Tony Khan Says Next Week’s AEW Dynamite Will Be The Best Wrestling Anyone’s Seen IN MONTHS


AEW had to do what they could to keep their show on the air during the novel coronavirus pandemic. Things were complicated, but they were able to continue filming content and keep Dynamite on the air.

Tony Khan sent out a message to fans saying that next week’s AEW Dynamite will be the best one yet.

Thank you great AEW fans for watching #AEWDynamite tonight! I enjoyed producing this week’s show, I thought it was a great show. I think next week’s show has a chance to be very special, I think it will be the best episode of wrestling tv anyone’s done in months to say the least.

Click here for a full preview of what AEW has planned for Dynamite next week.

They have a loaded show booked next week with the TNT Championship Tournament continuing. Let’s see what they are able pull off. Tony Khan is obviously very excited.

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