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The first round of the AEW’s TNT Championship Tournament continues tonight, as Dustin Rhodes faces Kip Sabian, and Darby Allin takes on Sammy Guevara. And the only other announced match features Jimmy Havoc Vs. Orange Cassidy. However we do know that Kenny Omega, Wardlow, and Brodi Lee will all be in action, and Chris Jericho will be back at the commentary table.

And that’s the preview for tonight’s AEW Dynamite. Get ready for another couple of action packed hours of wrestling, which you can read about here with live updates. Enjoy the show!


This week’s Dynamite opens with a video of Cody sitting in front of a monitor showing clips of Lance Archer, Kip Sabian, Sammy Guevara, Darby Allin, and Dustin Rhodes. He says they’re all known factors, but who is he? He asks where he fits in all this? Just the three-star ring general who broke the throne because he was afraid to sit in it? He asks if he’s too comfortable, too complacent? He praises TNT for comissioning a new TNT Championship and says fans will criticize it but history will remember them as a company who introduced another major title less than a year into its life. He says he has to prove to himself where he fits in AEW in the TNT Championship Tournament.

TNT Championship Tournament

Sammy Guevara Vs. Darby Allin

Before Darby can even get to the ring, Sammy attacks him with a dive to the outside. Allin gets thrown into the barricade and Jericho reminds everyone that this is payback for when Allin attacked Sammy at Revolution before the bell. Guevara pulls a ladder from under the ring and bridges it from the apron to the guard rail. Sammy lifts Darby and puts him on the ladder, then goes to the top rope and leaps with a splash to Darby on the ladder!

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Back live and Darby is still down, but Sammy lifts him and throws him into the ring for a two-count. Sammy lifts Darby and attacks him in the corner. Allin knocks Sammy into a tree of woe and takes his boot off before applying an ankle lock. Guevara crawls to the ropes and Darby grabs him but gets kicked back. Sammy pulls the ropes to go to the apron and hits a springboard cutter.

Guevara paces around the ring but Darby gets him back in the ankle lock. Sammy gets to the ropes to break free, then both guys trade punches. Sammy drops Darby with a kick for a two-count as we head to the break.

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We return to see Darby shoot for a suicide dive but Sammy moves and he crashed into the barricade. Guevara gets Darby back in the ring and hits a 630 and goes for the pin but Darby gets the ropes. Sammy tries to whip Dabry but he counters with a float-over stunner. Sammy catches Allin and attempts a torture rack knee but Darby reverses into The Last Supper and gets the three count.

Winner: Darby Allin

Darby progresses to the semi-final of the TNT Championship Tournament, where he will face Cody. Later tonight Kip Sabian faces Dustin Rhodes in the next round.

We get a video of Matt Hardy at his compound. He says he laid out a proposition to Chris Jericho two weeks ago, inviting him to the compound for the Ultimate Deletion, but he hasn’t heard a reply. He says Damascus can tell Jericho is scared and the only one of his circle that has the testicle to mention him by name is Sammy Guevara, the false god. So if Jericho doesn’t want to come, then Sammy can. He says that if Damascus is too intimidating for Jericho, then he can talk to the Matt Hardy vessel. We then see regular Matt standing in a leather jacket, saying he has immense respect for Jericho, Kenny Omega, Cody, and so on, the pillars of AEW. He says AEW is a platform for the future, a place that’s trying to do something great for the next generations. So if Jericho wants to send Sammy Guevara, a future Chris Jericho, to the Hardy compound he will kick his ass.

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Kenny Omega Vs. Alan Angels

The match gets underway and Angels sidesteps the lock-up and kicks his leg. This time they do lock-up and Kenny slams Angels down and takes a front facelock. Omega hits Alan with a shoulder tackle as Jericho talks about him being a part of WWE’s developmental and not being used properly. Omega drops Angels with a chop to the chest, then hits a headbutt.

Angels counters the snap dragon suplex and hits a basement dropkick, followed by a running senton. Omega comes back with a backbreaker for a two-count. Kenny beats on Alan for a minute but he rolls to the apron to create some distance, and snaps Omega on the top rope. Angels hits a rope-assisted dropkick for a short two-count. Angels dodges Kenny and delivers a flurry of kicks, but Omega comes back with a snap dragon suplex.

Omega hits the V-Trigger for a near-fall. Omega hits a slam, followed by another V-Trigger for the win.

Winner: Kenny Omega

We get a video package for Scorpio Sky, which reveals that he had some really bad back injuries and it almost ended his career. He says he had been doing it for years with no big breaks or real luck until he decided to give it one more shot and formed SCU in 2017. The story will be continued later.

We see Cody sitting at a desk and he’s listeningt to a call from Dustin Rhodes, who says if he can’t beat Kip Sabian tonight he will retire. He says he feels great at 51 but if he can’t beat a son of a bitch like Kip, then he has no business in the game.

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Jimmy Havoc Vs. Orange Cassidy W/Best Friends

The bell rings and Havoc rushes Cassidy in the corner. Havoc chokes Orange with a boot, then his denim jacket before tossing him from the ring. Havoc crotches Orange on the guard rail, then hits a suplex on the floor. Havoc chops Orange against the ring post, then pokes him in the eyes.

Back in the ring and Havoc continues the methodical beatdown of freshly squeezed. He hits a suplex and applies an armbar, then bites his fingers and jams them into his pockets. Cassidy ducks Jimmy and hits a dropkick, followed by another, and a tilt-a-whirl DDT for a two-count. Havoc puts Orange on the top rope and climbs up with him but Orange swipes his feet and Havoc crashes hard. Cassidy hits the lazy splash for a near-fall.

Both men get up and exchange shots, with Cassidy’s barely connecting. Havoc swings but Orange ducks and hist a Superman punch. Cassidy gets fired-up but Penelope Ford gets on the apron to distract him, until Trent pulls her leg and she lands in the splits. Kip Sabian runs into the ring and hist a tope onto both Trent and Chuck on the floor. Ford dives at Cassidy but he ducks and she rolls out the other side. OC rolls up Havoc with a crucifix for the win!

Winner: Orange Cassidy

As soon as the match ends, Havoc hits OC with an arm-trapped DDT and high-tails it with Sabian and Ford.

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We see MJF standing outside his house. He says we’ve never faced a time like this in the history of man; that he hasn’t been on Dynamite. And his fans have been craving him on TV. He says he got injured throwing his cash and got a hangnail – the camera pans out and he’s wearing a sling. His injury is life-threatening but rest assured he will return and win the AEW Heavyweight Championship.

Lee Johnson Vs. Wardlow

The match gets underway and Wardlow drops Lee with a knee to the gut. Wardlow lifts him above his head but Johnson escapes and hits a dropkick. Wardlow catches him and lifts him up into a military press but drops him into a powerslam with incredible speed.

Wardlow hits a few releases suplexes until Lee lands on his feet and lands some right and an uppercut. Wardlow tosses him into the buckles, then hits a shoulder tackle and puts Lee on the top rope. Wardlow grabs Johnson by the throat and pulls him down into a knee. Wardlow takes his straps down and hits a release airplane spin for the win.

Winner: Wardlow

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We see a video of Brodi Lee interviewing someone who looked up The Dark Order online. He says a lot of people in AEW were handed their success but he had to work for it, and he likes that in people. They feed on the prey and they are the lions. He reaches a mask to the man and weclomes him home.

Justin Law Vs. Brodi Lee

The match gets underway and Lee forces Law to the corner, where he chops, punches, and drills him fore forearms. Lee hits a superkick, then lifts Law for a suplex and holds on to hit a release tiger suplex.

Law is back in the corner and gest another stiff chop. Lee hits a running back elbow, followed by a spinning sidewalk slam. Lee hits a discus lariat for the win.

Winner: Brodi Lee

Lee leaves the ring but Marko Stunt talks trash to him from behind the guard rail. Lee smiles at him and walks off.

*Commercial Break*

We see Best Friends in the gym and Trent says he wants a piece of Kip Sabian or Jimmy Havoc next week, and that he’s really pissed off.

Another episode of The Bubbly Bunch airs, in which they do TikTok dancing, the best gets a bottle of hand sanitizer and Sammy wins.

After the break we’ll get the main event match, which could be but almost certainly won’t be, the final match of Dustin Rhodes.

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We get a video package for the main event, in which Dustin talks about how much winning this would mean for his career, while Sabian says he deserves it.

TNT Championship Tournament

Dustin Rhodes W/Brandi Rhodes Vs. Kip Sabian W/Penelope Ford

The bell rings and Rhodes extends a hand but Kip doesn’t take it. They lock-up and Dustin takes a wristlock, Kip tries to kip-up but Rhodes takes him right back down. Sabian fights out, hits the ropes, jumps over Dustin and attempts a back body drop but gets hit with an uppercut.

Rhodes chops Kip in the corner but Sabian turns it around to hit an enziguiri and a soccker kick for a two-count. Sabian distracts the referee while Penelope chokes Rhodes using the bottom rope. Sabian applies a front facelock as we head to the break.

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Back live and Kip is still in control of the natural. Sabian applies a leg submision and Dustin fights up but Kip whips him to the ropes and he collapses. Kip stomps the leg and hits a dropkick for a two-count. Sabian puts Dustin in the corner and kicks his leg but Rhodes fires back with uppercuts.

Rhodes looks for a scoop slam but his leg gives out and Sabian lands on him for a two-count. Sabian goes to an arm submission and Tony Schiavone points out that that is dumb. Dustin fights out, avoids a dropkick and hits a roll-up for a two-count. Rhodes runs into a knee lift and a discus lariat for a near-fall.

Sabian goes to a headlock and Rhodes slowly fights up. Snapmare and a kick from Kip, then he hits the ropes but right into a spinebuster. Rhodes rallies with lariats, an uppercut, atomic drop, and a bulldog. Rhodes hits a snap powerslam for a near-fall, and Brandi cheers him on. Sabian rolls to the apron and hits a springboard DDT for a near-fall.Sabian takes full mount and unloads on Rhodes until Aubrey pulls him off. She forces Kip to the corner and berates him, meanwhile Penelope get in the ring but Brandi hits her with a spear. Rhodes hits Code Red for the win!

Winner: Dustin Rhodes

Dusitn and Brandi celebrate after the match. He moves on to the semi-final of the TNT Championship Tournament where he will lose to Lance Archer.

And that’s it for AEW Dynamite but be sure to check out our results for NXT. Let us know what you thought of the show and we’ll see you back here tomorrow for all your wrestling news! Until then, stay safe!

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