Alexa Bliss Explains Why She Wrestles In A T-Shirt

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Alexa Bliss does not hide her past struggles with eating disorders. She wrestled in a t-shirt as well, but her body image issues only plays a part in her reason for wrestling in WWE merch.

While speaking to Sports Illustrated, Alexa Bliss discussed her choice to wrestle in a t-shirt. She will wear full gear at times, but she explained that her t-shirt choice serves two purposes.

“There are some things I still do — I still wear my t-shirt when I wrestle. One, it’s to promote merch because I think it’s cute, and two, because I’m always going to be that self-conscious person. But I don’t let it dictate my life like I used to.”

The more fans see WWE merchandise it increases the odds that they’ll drop $27.99 on a t-shirt. It is smart for Bliss to want as much exposure for her merchandise as possible. It is also convenient that she feels more comfortable wrestling in a t-shirt.

Should more WWE Superstars be permitted to wrestle in their merchandise? Sound off in our new and improved comments section!

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