WWE Considering Backup Plan For WrestleMania 37 Location


WrestleMania 37 is slated to take place in Los Angeles’ SoFi Stadium, but that venue is not opening as planned. It’s unclear how long it will be until large scale events are permitted to take place in the area.

WWE is in a tough situation. Mania 37 is far enough off that they can change their plans if needed, but a lot can happen in that time as well.

Wrestle Votes reports that WWE has been researching a “Plan B” just in case WrestleMania 37’s location falls through.

Full disclaimer – it’s far too early to speculate on specific details, however:

WWE has begun researching a “plan B” on an alternative site to host WrestleMania 37 if the state of California is not allowing large gatherings and / or SoFi Stadium is not finished on time.

We can only hope that the novel coronavirus pandemic has subsided by that point. WWE running a year’s worth of closed set tapings could do big damage to the brand.

It’s likely that the world will never fully be the same after COVID-19. Masks at public gatherings will become a sign of courtesy. Odds are that WWE events will be filled with masked faces for a long time to come.

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