WWE recorded WrestleMania at the Performance Center and other locations. This gave them plenty of time to edit things in post, but they apparently don’t know what order they are going to air anything yet.

Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that WWE doesn’t know when any of the matches on WrestleMania will air. He said the idea was to get everything shot and then take a look at the entire event before stacking the show.

“So here’s the situation as of hours ago. So they taped everything and then they’re editing it and putting in special effects and all that and then what they’re gonna do is everything is edited and then they’re gonna time everything and at that point they’re gonna figure out everything on each show I guess to have the shows the most exciting order of matches for two nights that they can do.”

“It’s not like they taped a bunch of matches in order. They taped matches and now they’re gonna put them in order. So it’s not like this match is gonna be this night, and this match is gonna be on this night. It’s gonna be based on how they feel based on when everything is done based on the star power and everything like that. That’s how they’re gonna decide the order. The idea is they’re gonna have the best show possible with the footage they have.”

Meltzer said that he was told that WWE would figure out the match order within the next 48 hours.

We’ll have to wait and see if WWE lets fans in on their decision about WrestleMania’s match order early. They’re promoting the pay-per-view very heavily so it might help encourage some buys if they are able to let fans know which night each match is expected.

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