AEW Changed Plans For Chris Jericho Feud Due To Coronavirus

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AEW is doing their best to carry on in light of current world events. One of the ideas they had of returning to a rivalry needed to be held off until later.

Chris Jericho replied to a tweet about his feud with Jungle Boy. The fan suggested that AEW hasn’t done enough with Jungle Boy coming out of his short feud with Chris Jericho. This is when the former Le Champion of AEW revealed that the company had intentions to re-visit their feud.

Had the world not gone crazy, we would be revisiting that now.

The novel coronavirus caused AEW and everyone else to change their plans in a lot of ways. This is also true for Jungle Boy’s push. We’ll likely see AEW come back around to Jericho vs Jungle Boy, but things need to return to some form of normalcy first.

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