Rusev Giving $20,000 To ‘WWE Extended Family’ Without Income During Pandemic

A lot of people are going through a very tough time right now. Rusev is doing what he can to help.

The Bulgarian Brute hasn’t been on WWE television for a while. Reports are that he still hasn’t signed a new WWE contract. Now Rusev is pledging a huge amount of money to help out those who are without an income.

In Bulgaria we say “ It’s not a lot but it’s from the heart” I pledge 20,000$ to any of my WWE extended family that are sitting at home without income. WE can’t do it without y’all. Production, security, etc. LOVE YALL.

Rusev didn’t specify how this money will be given out. It is still an extremely generous gesture during a time when people really need the assistance.

Written by H Jenkins

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