The current situation going on in the world has affected a lot of people. It might change how our society works for a long time to come. Social distancing is now a term that many people will never stop using.

Maria Kanellis recently shared a heartbreaking story about how her mother must take extra precautions now. Kanellis’ mother cannot stop by and see her new grandson due to the COVID-19 situation. Her mother works at a nursing home and doesn’t want to run the risk of passing any virus around.

This is my mom with my son Carver.. she hates taking pictures but I love this one of her. Today my mom dropped off flowers and a coloring book to us on our back porch and left. #socialdistancing she also wrote me a note saying I was doing a great job. But all I could think was no, mom you’re doing a GREAT job. My mom works in a nursing home. And has been for over 30 years. She is a kind, selfless person and even though they told her she doesn’t have to go in right now, she does. Because she doesn’t want to leave them short handed. She wants to be there for her coworkers and the residents. My mom is a superhero. Always has been, so mom, if I am doing a great job, it’s because I learned from you. My mom is why I stay home. She wants to do her job and she is great at it. Love you!! And I can’t wait till the kids can hug you again!!!

This is a very personal story that Kanellis shared with fans. The world will make it through this awful pandemic. It will take a lot more people like Maria Kanellis’ mother in the process who are always thinking about the greater issues during everyday life.

Felix Upton

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