This is a tough time for everyone, but Maria Kanellis is especially stressed. She is experiencing postpartum after giving birth recently. Now she is self isolating like so many others.

Kanellis updated her Instagram with a long post explaining what’s on her mind. She posted a photo of herself from a while ago while she was “10 pounds lighter, in Florida, and working for another company.” That was a much happier time in her life, but perhaps it is only because she is looking back in retrospect.

I’m having a day today… I’m feeling frustrated about having to stay home. Disappointed about WrestleMania week and not being able to travel/dress up/meet the fans/perform. I’m discouraged about my postpartum body and not being able to workout outside the house. Sad that I can’t take my newborn to see his great grandparents. Hopeless about not seeing the end. So, I’m posting this photo from a time I didn’t worry about any of it. From 10 pounds lighter, in Florida, working for another company. Which looks happier but… I had no babies, my husband was a drug addiction, and I lived in a tiny crappy apartment (literally crappy, the sewer overflowed into the tub. TWICE, the heat only worked 4 hours at a time, and it was broken into because of the neighborhood)

We all look back fondly at our younger selves but it’s not reality it’s a fantasy. In a few months or a few years, I will look back and this time wishing that I could have these endless days back, when the kids were babies, we were younger, and we had no schedule. It’s perspective and today I may be having a day but tomorrow, today will look amazing. Yesterday is a fantasy. Be present in today. Because soon today will be yesterday.


Memory has an interesting way of working. This is why nostalgia money continues to pour in.

Maria Kanellis is remembering happier times and dealing with the world’s current circumstances like the rest of us. Hopefully, we will all be able to eventually look back at this period of time and see it as a rough patch were were able to get through.

Felix Upton

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