AEW is keeping fans intrigued in a big way. The company could add more members to their roster soon enough. Fans are also anticipating a big surprise when the Dark Order’s Exalted One is finally revealed.

While speaking to PW Insider Elite audio, Matt Hardy was asked about how AEW is different from WWE. He described the two companies in their own way.

WWE is very corporate, but AEW seems to have a much more creative aspect to it. You never know what is going to happen and that includes who is the Exalted One.

“They’re listening to the die-hard voice a lot more strongly than WWE is right now. You kinda get that because WWE is much more corporate and stretching and sprawling company, but like AEW is doing a great job of laying things on the table and you’re not sure what direction they’re gonna go and the Exalted One is another thing for instance.”


“I think AEW is paying attention and listening to the fans and doing the most thing in wrestling, being unpredictaible.”

Matt Hardy said that pro wrestling companies serve two masters. They need to make the casual fans and die-hard fans happy. A lot of things need to be taken into consideration to make all fans happy. He said that “AEW does a good job walking the line,” in that regard.

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