Ryback Jokes About WWE Fining Dolph Ziggler Over Using Profanity On Social Media

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Dolph Ziggler has often referred to himself as an unsung top shelf talent and a true workhorse. It’s hard to do much when Ryback is hold you down in the ring with a rest hold.

Ryback posted an old picture of himself holding Dolph Ziggler down with a headlock. He asked fans to caption this picture.

The Big Guy probably didn’t expect Dolph Ziggler to reply saying:

“*confused dipsh*t injuring top shelf talent while setting back the business 100 years*”

One fan brought Ryback’s attention to this comment. It didn’t take Ryback very long to come up with a humorous retort:

“I hope WWE fines him for using naughty words.”

Ryback has a few friends in WWE even though he is no longer there. It’s good to see that he’s apparently still friendly enough with Dolph Ziggler that they can joke about things like this.

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