Kayla Braxton travels a lot for her job in WWE. The WWE The Bump host recently discovered that she apparently looks like the kind of person who steals identities.

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Braxton recently attempted to board a flight, and she discovered that her ID might need a refresher. The girl in the picture doesn’t appear to have freckles, but she certainly has brunette hair. That is not the look that Miss Braxton is currently rocking at all.

The WWE interviewer didn’t look too amused in the photo that she uploaded to her Instagram story. Kayla Braxton was posing with her ID to compare how much her look has changed.


The caption Braxton included revealed that she was recently slapped with extra security screenings because she didn’t look like herself.

Apparently – according to cops and TSA agents there’s no way this could be me so I get slapped with an additional screening process. People are allowed to change their hair, you know?

It’s a good thing that TSA and police are on such high alert because they are protecting us from dangerous people like Kayla Braxton. You never know what someone like her could be up to. It’s always a good idea to keep a close eye on Kayla Braxton for any reason.

It’s no wonder Kayla Braxton needs drink when she has to deal with any airport situation.

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