AEW Star Refusing Future Interviews To Avoid ‘Clickbait Headlines’

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AEW stars are getting a lot of press and as Dynamite continues to pick up steam those AEW stars are going to sit down for many interviews. Joey Janela seems to be done with talking to the press.

Click here to read all about Joey Janela’s return to the indies and how it helps him stay sharp in the ring.

AEW’s Bad Boy recently fired off a tweet directed at a headline he didn’t appreciate. He also said he’s not doing any more interviews to avoid “clickbait headlines.”

Not doing any interviews anymore, because of these f*cking clickbait headlines…

To be fair, the definition of clickbait is any article online with a headline intended to get people to click. Essentially, “clickbait” is an overused term wrapped in a stigma now. It applies to any article ever written on every website created since Al Gore invented the internet.

On that note, you can buy your own official Ringside News “Definition Of Clickbait” t-shirt here.

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