Eric Bischoff Says Bray Wyatt Could Have A Character Like The Undertaker

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Eric Bischoff saw Bray Wyatt’s merchandise numbers while he was Executive Director of SmackDown. WWE couldn’t keep Wyatt’s merchandise in stock, but instead of capitalizing on that they had him drop the title at Super ShowDown.

During 83 Weeks, Eric Bischoff discussed how surprised he is that The Fiend dropped the Universal Title to Goldberg at Super ShowDown. He saw a character like The Undertaker in The Fiend’s future.

“I’m surprised, honestly, for a couple of reasons. At least when I was in WWE, I don’t know what the situation is now, his merchandise, they couldn’t produce it fast enough. It appeared to me at least that Fiend was going to be one of those characters that could be an Undertaker-esque character over the long term.”

Goldberg is a much bigger name than The Fiend right now. The important part is that WWE maintains their focus on new stars or they won’t have any legends they can call in the future.

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