WWE Super ShowDown 2020 Results

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The announcers talk about Elimination Chamber, one week from Sunday, and remind everyone that John Cena will be on SmackDown tomorrow, and Beth Phoenix will be on Raw this coming Monday.

WWE Universal Championship

(C) The Fiend Vs. Goldberg

The bell rings and The Fiend comes face-to-face with Goldberg in the middle of the ring. Wyatt takes his jacket off and Goldberg Spears him but he kicks out at 1 and Goldberg can’t believe it. Wyatt grabs him with the Mandible Claw and Goldberg drops to a knee but then slams him into the corner.

Goldberg hits a second Spear and goes to the corner before hitting a third. He goes to the corner again and waits for The Fiend to get up, then hits a fourth Spear…but Wyatt kicks out at two! Again Wyatt sits up and gets the Mandible Claw locked-in. Goldberg fights it and headbutts Wyatt. He delivers a few knees and hits a Jackhammer for the the win.

Winner and New Universal Champion: Goldberg

Goldberg goes to the top rope and celebrates with the Universal Championship. The Fiend gets back to his feet and he stares at Goldberg’s back. The lights go out and when they come back The Fiend is gone.

And that’s it for Super ShowDown. Yep. Gotta love that impulse booking for a few more ratings. Let us know what you thought of the show and I’ll see you here on Tuesday for AEW Revolution. Until then, safe travels!

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