WWE Super ShowDown 2020 Results

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Welcome to Ringside News’ live results coverage for WWE Super ShowDown 2020, live from Saudi Arabia.

The headline match on the card is the Universal Championship bout between Goldberg and The Fiend. This match kind of came out nowhere and many assumed that it would be a nice squash match for The Fiend as he heads to WrestleMania to (presumably) face John Cena or Roman Reigns. However recent scuttlebutt suggests Goldberg might actually steal the title and go into WrestleMania as the Champion in an attempt to boost ratings. Let’s hope that is not the case.

Speaking of Roman Reigns, today The Big Dog goes one-on-one with Baron Corbin inside a steel cage for what is, god willing, the last time. This feud has gone on for far too long and done nothing for either guy, but we’re fairly certain Reigns will be spinning out and right into the title picture after Elimination Chamber.

There are four more title matches taking place today; Ricochet challenging Brock Lesnar for the WWE Championship; Street Profits Vs. Rollins and Murphy for the Raw Tag Team Champinships; Bayley Vs. Naomi for the SmackDown Women’s Championship; and The New Day Vs. The Miz & John Morrison for the SmackDown Tag Team Championships. There will also be a typical gauntlet trophy match, Mansoor in action against Dolph Ziggler, and Angel Garza Vs. Humberto Carrillo.

Before all that we have the Kick-Off show beginning at 11 AM EST, where The Viking Raiders will face Gallows and Anderson. And we’ll have all the results right here, as well as on the Ringside News app. Enjoy the show!

Kick-Off Show

The Super ShowDown Kick-Off show takes place from WWE HQ in Connecticut, and features Charly Caruso, David Otunga, and Scott Stanford. The panel run down the card for today’s show.

AJ Styles is interviewed about the gauntlet match tonight and he says there are a lot of great people in the match but only one of them is phenomenal. He says he’s very humble but it doesn’t matter who he faces, whether it’s Roman Reigns, Stone Cold Steve Austin or Aleister Black. Styles says he will face see Black on Monday, after he wins the gauntlet match tonight.

Paul Heyman cuts a promo backstage and talks-up Brock’s accomplishments. He says every now and again you get anomalies that come and pull off the impossible, like Undertaker losing his streak or Buster Douglas beating Mike Tyson. And Ricochet hopes to be the next Buster Douglas but Brock Lesnar is not Mike Tyson, nor is he The Undertaker. Brock doesn’t make mistakes and he’s not beatable.

We get a video package for Goldberg Vs. The Fiend. Scott says we know all about Goldberg and how incredible he is but we don’t know a lot about The Fiend. We’ve seen some of him but we don’t know what he’s really capable of. Otunga agrees and says The Fiend continues to surprise us. He doesn’t even seem to have pain receptors. They mention that Goldberg Speared The Fiend but he just disappeared. That being said, Goldberg didn’t look intimidated whatsoever.

The Viking Raiders Vs. Gallows & Anderson

The tag match gets underway with 20 minutes left until the main show begins. Erik forces Anderson to the corner, then lifts and slams him before tagging Ivar. The Vikings team to deliver some knees to Anderson and make quick tag to beat him down in the corner.

Anderson breaks free and makes the tag to Gallows, who slams and beats Erik. Anderson tags back in and stomps Erik before taking a headlock. Ivar gets the hot tag and wipes out Anderson with a big boot and a crossbody. Gallows runs in and attacks Ivar but the Viking flips over the ropes, punches him away, then jumps over Anderson before hitting a senton. Ivar cartwheels past Gallows and delivers a lariat, and looks for a seated senton to Anderson but nobody’s home.

Gallows and Erik get the tags and trade hands in the centre of the ring. Erik tosses Gallows with an overhead suplex, and Ivar tags back in for a running forearm in the corner. Erik lifts Ivar and throws him into Gallows but Anderson breaks the pin attempt. Erik catches Anderson with a big knee, then Ivar tags in and takes out both men with handspring back elbows. Ivar climbs up top and looks for a moonsault but Karl moves and knocks Erik from the apron. Gallows tags in and they hit The Magic Killer for the win!

Winners: Anderson & Gallows

We’re back with the Kick-Off panel and they run down the entire card for today’s show once again. We get a video package highlight Ricochet and his journey to WWE. And that’s it for the Kick-Off. The main card is starting now!

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