WWE Censors Steve Austin Merchandise

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WWE made a ton of money off of “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. Some of those t-shirts don’t work well with the current TV-PG product.

The Rattlesnake once rocked a shirt that said “F*ck Fear” on the font of it. “Drink Beer” was on the back. This happened to be the t-shirt that Austin was wearing when he got an F5 from Brock Lesnar in 2004.

WWE Network released a clip of this altercation between Lesnar and Austin. The “F*ck Fear, Drink Beer” must be too hot for WWE’s social media nowadays. WWE decided to blur out the entire shirt like it was the old WWF Attitude logo.

Steve Austin wasn’t too thrilled about this and he commented rather quickly.

This very interesting, but it’s nothing new for WWE to censor things from older footage. This is the first time we can remember WWE censoring out something from The Rattlesnake’s legacy.

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