Impact Wrestling Sacrifice Results – February 22nd, 2020

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Welcome to Ringside News’ coverage of Impact Wrestling’s Sacrifice pay-per-view. Keep refreshing throughout the show for updates.

Impact Wrestling’s Sacrifice is coming live from Louisville, Kentucky. OVW’s home will be rocking for this special event.

Come back at 7:00 PM when the main event kicks off. We will provide coverage throughout the show.

The top match is a champion vs champion match between Tessa Blanchard and Ace Austin. There are plenty of matches on the loaded card which you can check out below.

  • Tessa Blanchard (World Champion) vs. Ace Austin (X Division Champion)
  • Rhino vs. Moose
  • Daga vs. Jake Crist
  • Jordynne Grace vs. Havok
  • The North (Ethan Page and Josh Alexander) vs. The Rascalz (Dez and Wentz)
  • Johnny Swinger vs. Joey Ryan
  • Ohio Versus Everything (Dave Crist and Madman Fulton) vs. Acey Romero and Larry D
  • Willie Mack vs. Jay Bradley


They’re sold out tonight. The listed capacity of the Davis Arena is 500. I Googled it. It’s not a huge building, but it’s the OVW Arena, WWE’s old developmental territory. Guys like Orton, Batista, Lesnar, and Cena got their WWE starts there. Anyway, this is Impact Wrestling.


These guys are OVW talents. They were working hard as the crowd filed in. AJ was the babyface.

AJ Daniels won after a move off the top.

Winner: AJ Daniels

Max The Impaler vs Cali Young

Max had a nice gimmick that was just scary. They hyped wanting to see her against Havoc. She’s an OVW star. Young is a blonde with a fun patriotic gimmick where they announced her as the next president of the US and her hometown is Mt Rushmore. She also had a manager dude with shorts on and a jacket all american flag print.

Max was much bigger than Cali so she slammed her around a lot. The manager took a little bump too. Cali took control for a bit and then the manager choked Max when the ref wasn’t looking. Cali kicked Max a bunch and couldn’t make the suplex work so Max reversed it.

The manager got in and he hit Max. The referee didn’t see him apparently. Then Max choked the manager and Max kicked Cali and then then manager took a kick. Max speared Cali and that was it.

Winner: Max The Impaler

Image result for max the impaler

Rohit Raju vs Corey Storm

These two worked a good opener and the crowd perked up a bit when the show actually started. Storm was the babyface in a big way.

Storm came back and rallied before climbing up top where he jumped over Rohit. Then Storm nailed a springboard codebreaker for a nearfall of his own.

Storm countered a facebuster with a kick to the face then Rohit nailed a knee and a cannonball before climbing up and hitting the double stomp from the top for the win.

Winner: Rohit Raju

The North vs Rascalz – Impact Tag Titles

These two teams were working really hard. The entire Impact roster seemed really pumped so far.

Rascalz worked as babyfaces and The North used tag team tactics to isolate their opponents and keep the advantage. Wentz sold a lot and he couldn’t get to tag Trey.

The North continued tagging in and out as they worked on Wentz. Trey finally took the tag and he lit up The North. The Ethan Page calmed him down with a perfectly timed super kick for a nearfall.

The North applied a stretching double team move on Trey and then Page lifted him up into a backbreaker. Page doesn’t get enough credit.

Alexander hit some chops in the corner and Trey fought back. Then Trey lit Josh up with many stiff and quick chops, but it didn’t stop the back suplex from Josh. Then Page took the tag.

Alexander took the tag again after Ethan Page beat him down. Then Trey started fighting back again. Josh hit a rolling senton for a two count. Page lifted Trey up into a suplex and Josh came in so Page handed the suplex off. Trey got free from Josh and the upperhand once again. This time he tagged in Wentz.

Wentz lit up Page with kicks and a dropkick. He hit a kick in the corner, snap mare, boot to the head, Page went outside and when Wentz caught Page with a cutter and a codebreaker for a two count.

The match continued and Wentz kicked out at a close two count. Page accidentally kicked Josh and Wentz got caught in a slam by Page. Ethan went outside and Josh picked up Trey and SLAMMED him on the apron. Trey hit a dive on The North and Josh went back inside.

Then Wentz hit a Canadian Destroyer for a two count. Page took the tag, and The North tried a double team move, but Wentz reversed out of both of them.

Trey took the tag. He jumped on The North, but they caught him into a double crucifix bomb for a two count. Trey hit a double stomp on Page and hit the double stomp followed by a senton on Page. The referee was taken down accidentally. Then Rascalz hit a 6-1-9, but Rohit Raju ran down and he screwed up their move.

The North won.

Winners: The North

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