Welcome to Ringside News’ coverage of Impact Wrestling’s Sacrifice pay-per-view. Keep refreshing throughout the show for updates.

Impact Wrestling’s Sacrifice is coming live from Louisville, Kentucky. OVW’s home will be rocking for this special event.

Come back at 7:00 PM when the main event kicks off. We will provide coverage throughout the show.

The top match is a champion vs champion match between Tessa Blanchard and Ace Austin. There are plenty of matches on the loaded card which you can check out below.

  • Tessa Blanchard (World Champion) vs. Ace Austin (X Division Champion)
  • Rhino vs. Moose
  • Daga vs. Jake Crist
  • Jordynne Grace vs. Havok
  • The North (Ethan Page and Josh Alexander) vs. The Rascalz (Dez and Wentz)
  • Johnny Swinger vs. Joey Ryan
  • Ohio Versus Everything (Dave Crist and Madman Fulton) vs. Acey Romero and Larry D
  • Willie Mack vs. Jay Bradley


They’re sold out tonight. The listed capacity of the Davis Arena is 500. I Googled it. It’s not a huge building, but it’s the OVW Arena, WWE’s old developmental territory. Guys like Orton, Batista, Lesnar, and Cena got their WWE starts there. Anyway, this is Impact Wrestling.


These guys are OVW talents. They were working hard as the crowd filed in. AJ was the babyface.

AJ Daniels won after a move off the top.

Winner: AJ Daniels

Max The Impaler vs Cali Young

Max had a nice gimmick that was just scary. They hyped wanting to see her against Havoc. She’s an OVW star. Young is a blonde with a fun patriotic gimmick where they announced her as the next president of the US and her hometown is Mt Rushmore. She also had a manager dude with shorts on and a jacket all american flag print.

Max was much bigger than Cali so she slammed her around a lot. The manager took a little bump too. Cali took control for a bit and then the manager choked Max when the ref wasn’t looking. Cali kicked Max a bunch and couldn’t make the suplex work so Max reversed it.

The manager got in and he hit Max. The referee didn’t see him apparently. Then Max choked the manager and Max kicked Cali and then then manager took a kick. Max speared Cali and that was it.

Winner: Max The Impaler

Rohit Raju vs Corey Storm

These two worked a good opener and the crowd perked up a bit when the show actually started. Storm was the babyface in a big way.

Storm came back and rallied before climbing up top where he jumped over Rohit. Then Storm nailed a springboard codebreaker for a nearfall of his own.

Storm countered a facebuster with a kick to the face then Rohit nailed a knee and a cannonball before climbing up and hitting the double stomp from the top for the win.

Winner: Rohit Raju

The North vs Rascalz – Impact Tag Titles

These two teams were working really hard. The entire Impact roster seemed really pumped so far.

Rascalz worked as babyfaces and The North used tag team tactics to isolate their opponents and keep the advantage. Wentz sold a lot and he couldn’t get to tag Trey.

The North continued tagging in and out as they worked on Wentz. Trey finally took the tag and he lit up The North. The Ethan Page calmed him down with a perfectly timed super kick for a nearfall.

The North applied a stretching double team move on Trey and then Page lifted him up into a backbreaker. Page doesn’t get enough credit.

Alexander hit some chops in the corner and Trey fought back. Then Trey lit Josh up with many stiff and quick chops, but it didn’t stop the back suplex from Josh. Then Page took the tag.

Alexander took the tag again after Ethan Page beat him down. Then Trey started fighting back again. Josh hit a rolling senton for a two count. Page lifted Trey up into a suplex and Josh came in so Page handed the suplex off. Trey got free from Josh and the upperhand once again. This time he tagged in Wentz.

Wentz lit up Page with kicks and a dropkick. He hit a kick in the corner, snap mare, boot to the head, Page went outside and when Wentz caught Page with a cutter and a codebreaker for a two count.

The match continued and Wentz kicked out at a close two count. Page accidentally kicked Josh and Wentz got caught in a slam by Page. Ethan went outside and Josh picked up Trey and SLAMMED him on the apron. Trey hit a dive on The North and Josh went back inside.

Then Wentz hit a Canadian Destroyer for a two count. Page took the tag, and The North tried a double team move, but Wentz reversed out of both of them.

Trey took the tag. He jumped on The North, but they caught him into a double crucifix bomb for a two count. Trey hit a double stomp on Page and hit the double stomp followed by a senton on Page. The referee was taken down accidentally. Then Rascalz hit a 6-1-9, but Rohit Raju ran down and he screwed up their move.

The North won.

Winners: The North

Kiera Hogan vs Ray Lyn

Lyn is an OVW star, but she might be getting her shot with Impact now. Mathews seemed to hype her.

It’s a bit jarring at times with these camera cuts and bad focusing and zooms. it’s like they called a local Louisville video company that usually. only does church plays. There were also awful interviews. There was an interview with Ace Austin earlier, but I didn’t say anything about it because I couldn’t hear it.

Lyn and Hogan were evenly matched at first. Then they did a little pose down which turned into dancing. Hogan ended the comedy by kicking her.

Hogan took control and wrapped Lyn up in the ropes. Then she chopped her, hit a running clothesline, and a hip attack in the corner. 1-2- kick out.

This match continued as each of them had near falls. Then Lyn hit a fisherman’s suplex for a two count which led to them fighting from their knees.

Hogan and Lyn traded chops and then it escalated into forearm shots. Then Hogan hit a fisherman’s suplex of her own for the win.

Winner: Kiera Hogan

Willie Mack vs. Jay Bradley

Bradley jumped Mack before the bell. Then Willie slapped him to start the match. They were pummeling each other. Jay slammed Mack down and missed an elbow off the second rope.

Mack hit a spinning heel kick and another kick before Bradley went outside to drag Mack out too. Mack went back in and he hit a plancha.

Bradley moved and Mack hit turnbuckle. Then Jay took control and hit a gutwrench suplex for a two count. Mack took some more abuse as Bradley stalked him.

Mack turned things around for himself. He hit a slap, kip up, and a moonsault for a two count. He hit a stunner on Bradley and then he hit another on followed by a 6 star frog splash for the win.

Winner: Willie Mack

Madman Fulton & Dave Crist vs Larry D & ACey Romero

Crist was caught with brass knuckles before the match even started. Then he slapped Fulton to hype him up.

Larry D and Fulton started it out. D got the upperhand on Crist and he hit a running dropkick in the corner before tagging Romero who squashed Crist like a bug.

Jake distracted the referee and then Acey got tripped by Madman and he fell into a kick from Crist. Madman took the tag and he hit a splash across the ropes.

Acey landed two punches and Fulton leveled him with a clothesline. He dragged Acey to the corner and he tagged Crist who kicked him and hit a crossbody across the ropes and a kick in the corner. He was working on Acey’s knee. Fulton got tagged and Romero fought back.

D took a shot off the apron from Fulton and OvE continued their double teaming of Acey for a two count.

Larry D finally got the tag. He hit a running uppercut on Dave and a suplex. Fulton came in and he got a crossbody from D. Then D splashed Crist before a sit-down powerbomb for a 2 count.

D went for the knockout punch, but Crist blocked. Partners got tagged. Fulton hit shoulder tackles and boots. Then the big men pancaked him. Acey slammed him and hit an elbow for two.

Fulton was sent outside. Acey hit a dive on him and everyone crashed and burned. Acey climbed up top, but Crist grabbed him. Then Fulton hit Romero and picked him up on his shoulders. D made the tag and hit a right hand, but he missed the knockout punch and then Crist got a near fall before getting in the referee’s face.

Then D hit the knockout punch and Romero got the pounce on Crist for the win.

Winners: Acey Romero & Larry D

OvE tried to do a beatdown after the match. Daga ran down for the save.

Daga vs Jake Crist

This match got started right away. Daga took control from the beginning and he was working very fast. Then Jake landed a Superkick off a dive for a two count.

Crist started wearing Daga down with some holds. Crist chopped Daga and he took a back bump only to kip back up and Crist knocked him back down for a two count.

Crist continued to wear Daga down and then Daga came back with a backbreaker. Jake reversed a moved and got fingers in Daga’s eyes. Then Crist dragged Daga to the apron and yanked his arm down across the apron in a brutal move.

Daga hit a DDT on the outside and a frog splash, clothesline, and a sit-down powerbomb for a two count.

Daga hit a snapmare takedown and he lifted Jake to the top rope. He chopped him and then Jake hit a powerbomb off the top for a two count.

They continued until they went up top again. Daga hit a death valley driver from the top for a two count. Then Jake reversed him and they traded clotheslines and headbutts for a two count on Daga.

They kept kicking out of everything they could throw at each other. Then Daga hit his finisher for the win.

Winner: Daga

Johnny Swinger vs Joey Ryan

Swinger just wanted to end the match fast so they could go to the next town. He offered Ryan a VHS tape to take the fall.

Ryan put the tape in his tights and he laid down for the pin. Then Ryan turned it around to a small package for a two count.

Swinger took his VHS tape back. Ryan offered a handshake and then he offered for Swinger to “touch it.” Swinger didn’t touch it. Ryan took an atomic drop and it hurt Swinger’s knee.

Swinger took control and he choked Ryan before applying a leg scissors submission. Joey got up and missed an elbow drop.

Joey Ryan turned things around after Swinger touched it again. Then Ryan hit a spinebuster for a two count. Swinger tried to win with his feet on the ropes, but the referee caught it. Then Joey pulled a lollipop out of his tights and he put the sucker in the referee’s mouth by accident.

Swinger hit Joey with the VHS and 1-2- kick out because every match needs 10 near falls now.

Joey reversed out of a neck breaker into a dick flip for another near fall. Then Ryan pulled out another lollipop before it ended up in Swinger’s mouth again for a Sweet Tooth Music for the win.

Winner: Joey Ryan

Jordynne Grace vs. Havok – Knockouts Title

Havoc took control from the jump as Grace sold one move after another. Then Grace rolled away and Havoc missed a legdrop.

Grace reversed a move off the roped and she hit a Vader Bomb for a two count. Havoc went to the apron and Grace nailed a draping DDT for a two count.

Havoc returned fire with a few moves concluding in a chokeslam for a two count. Then Jordynne Grace went up top and Havoc climbed up too. Grace fought back and she got a sleeper hold on Havoc before she went back into a slam.

Then Grace continued with the sleeper until it was over.

Winner: Jordynne Grace

Rhino vs. Moose

These two traded some shots before Rhino hit a spinebuster. Moose started to leave saying, “You don’t deserve to be in the ring with me, I’m outta here.” He went to the back and Rhino followed him to bring him back.

Then Moose hit a lowblow to end the match with a DQ.

Winner: Rhino

Rhino got on the mic and said he didn’t come all the way to Louisville to win via DQ. Then they re-started it as a No DQ match. Nobody likes No DQ, or at least they shouldn’t.

Match #2 – No DQ This Time

Moose got a chair. Rhino put the chair in Moose’s face and grabbed the chair to hit him. He put Moose outside the Moose got free and grabbed a trashcan lid.

Rhino took a tumble on the floor and Moose started a fight with Chris Harris.

Moose took a shot from Rhino with the trashcan lid. Then they returned to the ring. Moose grabbed a staple gun because that’s exactly what this match was missing.

Rhino fought off the staple gun and then he got Moose right in the package wit ha staple. Moose sold it well while fans chanted “ECW.”

Moose turned things around and he hit two dropkicks in the corner. Then Moose grabbed a hammer, just a regular hammer. He tried to hit Rhino, but he stopped him.

Then Rhino grabbed the hammer, but Moose blocked him. Finally, Rhino hit a spinebuster on Moose (not on the hammer even though Josh Mathews said it was). Rhino was about to hit Rhino with the chair and Moose hit him in the foot with a hammer.

Moose grabbed another chair and he grabbed another out of the crowd, then another. He was literally stealing chairs from people. The ring was full of four different metal folding chair in assorted colors because those are the seats the venue uses.

Moose went to the top and Rhino hit him before stacking up the chair in a pile. He climbed up and superplexed him on all of the chair. Instead of pinning him, Rhino rolled outside and got a table from under the ring.

Rhino propped up the table, but he missed the Gore as Moose countered with a boot and a clothesline. Then he wedged a chair in the corner which he took to the head. Then Moose speared Rhino through the table for the win.

Winner: Moose

Tessa Blanchard vs. Ace Austin

Ace didn’t even have his gear ready. He was doing up his knee pads as the match started.

The did a test of strength and Ace pulled Tessa in like he was dancing with her. Then she slapped him and landed two dropkicks and a few more shots. Ace kicked out at two after a roll-up and then he took Tessa into the turnbuckle where he landed two knees.

Ace went up top and Tessa landed a forearm. He hit a back elbow and then he hit a hiptoss into the corner for a two count.

Ace hit a suplex, but Tessa kicked out before the referee counted to one. Then he landed a couple of kicks in the ropes. Blanchard landed some forearm shots and then Ace clubbed across Tessa’s back to send her down.

He pressed his knee across her head as he pushed down and then he flipped her over and landed a kick before a choke. He applied a single leg crab to Blanchard as she crawled to the bottom rope which finally happened.

They went outside and Ace landed a kick to Tessa from the apron before hand springing back into the ring. He was so proud of that kick.

Then he went back outside to brawl a bit. Blanchard took all the strikes and she came back with elbows and forearms before landing a boot. He got on the apron and he went up into a one-armed handstand that she kicked out from under him to send him smashing against the apron. She went back inside and went for a dive, but he hit her with a forearm.

Ace got her back in the ring and hit a neckbreaker for a two count. Tessa started selling like she does and she so good at it.

Austin got an armlock on her. She was biting him to get free, but he cut her between the fingers with his playing card. THEY’RE HARDCORE!

Blanchard fired back with chops and Ace went into the corner. Tessa landed a forearm and a Magnum from the second rope, but she didn’t get to a pin as she sold her papercut crying and sucking at the cut while Josh Mathews and D’Lo Brown put over her selljob.

Blanchard got pumped up and hit a running rudo and she let out a primal scream. Then she hit a cutter and Austin rolled outside. Blanchard hit a suicide dive and then another and then she nailed the third. Then she let out another primal scream.

Ace countered a DDT into a Northern Lights Suplex for a two count. Then hit a ushigoroshi for a two count. Blanchard countered into a tilt-a-whirl DDT for a two count.

Ace coutnered a buzzsaw DDT and sent Blanchard into the corner. Then he put her on top and got on the apron. He went running, but Blanchard avoided a kick. She jumped down right into a spinning kick for a two count.

Ace went back to the top and he hit a springboard fameasser for a two count.

Blanchard was unable to close Austin out so she went back up top. She went for Magnum, but Ace caught her and sat her back on the top rope where he kicked her. Then Austin climbed up with her, but she fought him off with forearms.

Then she went for a buzzsaw DDT from the top rope — he landed on his feet. They went back up on top and then she just dropped and DESTROYED him across the top rope.

I don’t know what to even call what just happened and neither did Josh Mathews. That’s nothing new because he actually only calls 15% of the moves in the ring anyway. It was a BRUTAL move.

1-2-3 Tessa wins.

Winner: Tessa Blanchard

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