The Usos’ New Official WWE Merch Says They Got ‘The J’UCE’

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The Usos are back on WWE television every week as top babyfaces. They are aligned with Roman Reigns on the blue brand after a long hiatus.

The twins were out of action since before SummerSlam. This was related mostly to Jimmy Uso’s DUI arrest. He was found not guilty by a jury of his peers.

WWE has now released some new merchandise for Rikishi’s sons. Jimmy and Jey Uso will likely be sporting this t-shirt on WWE television very soon.

Their new merchandise says “Uce Got The J’Uce.’ It is very interesting that they are using this verbiage considering all the other things that “juice” can imply from steroids to yes, alcohol. It can also imply power as in electricity. There are many ways one could take this new slogan.

You can check out an image from WWE below hyping The Usos’ new merchandise.


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