Mandy Rose Accidentally Breaks Otis’ Heart On WWE SmackDown During Valentine’s Date

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The will they/ won’t they between Mandy Rose and Otis will continue.

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Otis was all ready to take his little Peach Mandy Rose out. He got all ready and he showed up at a classy restaurant with flowers and a suit (minus the sleeves.)

They showed Mandy Rose at the table waiting for Otis. Then a hand was placed on her shoulder. She thought it was Otis, but it was Dolph Ziggler instead.

When Otis walked into the dining room with his flowers, he saw Dolph Ziggler sitting with Mandy Rose. He dropped his flowers and left while looking very sad.

This wasn’t on purpose and Mandy Rose never saw Otis walk in. She still didn’t tell Dolph Ziggler to scram. This story will continue.

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