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Watch WWE Superstars Do The #BroomChallenge

Drew McIntyre knows what is trendy. Every time someone says “WrestleMania” he has to point at the sign hanging from the arena ceiling. He is also well aware that people all over are balancing brooms.

The #BroomChallenge is taking over the internet. People figured out once again that bristles on brooms are designed to stand upright — and they’re amazed.

Drew McIntyre got in on the action backstage during Raw this week. He wasn’t alone. Zelina Vega, R-Truth, Sarah Logan, and Sarah Schreiber also had some fun with brooms. Logan threw her broom down, but we’re sure she had fun doing it.

You can check out the video below to see WWE Superstars taking part in the latest viral sensation.

Written by H Jenkins

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