WWE Raw Results – February 10, 2020

We’re back live and we see the replay of Becky Lynch being attacked by Shayna Baszler, then hijacking the ambulance.

The Viper, Randy Orton makes his entrance and gets booed loudly by the fans as he enters the ring. Just like last week, Orton takes his sweet time before talking. He says he still owes everyone an explanation for what he did two weeks ago. He says that what he did to Edge hurt him more than it did Edge.

Just then, Randy is interrupted by Matt Hardy! Matt says he wants to hear the explanation, just like everyone else. Hardy says he knows what Randy is thinking; why does Matt give a damn about Edge. Hardy says everybody knows the history between he and Edge, and the fans chant “Lita”. Matt says there was a time when nobody on earth hated Edge more than he did, but before all that they were best friends. The two of them, as well as Christian and Jeff, they would even share hotel rooms.

Matt reminds everyone that they invented the TLC match and it has become a staple of WWE. And those four kids stole the show at WrestleMania. And it meant something. So when he saw that Edge was forced to retire, any hate or disdain he had, was gone. And in so many ways, he and Edge are similar; they love wrestling; they love performing for the WWE Universe. And he couldn’t imagine it being taken away from him. And in the year’s since, Edge would often ask him “what if?” And nine years later, Edge realised his dream all over again but Randy took it away.

He asks Randy what the hell is wrong with him. Orton attempts an RKO but Matt shoves him off and hits him in the gut with the microphone, they exchange until Orton hits the RKO. Randy then leaves the ring and grabs two steel chairs. He places Matt’s head on one chair, then grabs the other and does the Con-Chair-To! 

*Commercial Break*

Ruby Riott is interviewed backstage and asked why she has animosity to Liv Morgan. Ruby says Liv was her best friend and she knows the real Liv Morgan. Ruby says Liv is a puppy dog that needs to be led around. She can take the pink from her hair and done some leather but she’s still a follower. So she came back to put Liv in her place and remind her that she strikes when she says so.

Akira Tozawa Vs. Aleister black

The bell rings and Black swings a kick and misses. Tozawa dodges Black a few times before grabbing his waist. Black shrugs Tozawa off and delivers a shoulder tackle. Black whips Akira to the corner but gets kicked back and Tozawa connects with a missile dropkick.

Tozawa hits the ropes but Black throws him up and knees him in the chin. Black slowly lifts Tozawa with hit boot and hits Black Mass for the win.

Winner: Aleister Black

Black grabs the microphone and says he has enjoyed the past few weeks, sharing these intimate moments with the fans. He says everyone tries to escape their given idea of paradise and he knows a thing or two about rebelling, but as for him, he is starting to feel like an animal in a cage. So for those who come out to face him, they will be trapped in a metaphorical cage with him.

We see the ambulance return to the arena and out walks Lynch with her neck taped up.

*Commercial Break*

Becky Lynch comes out and stomps her way to the ring, looking mad as all hell. She says they numbed her up and now she’s back to smash the face of Shayna Baszler. She says Shayna sunk her ratty teeth into her to get her attention, well mission accomplished. And she doesn’t care who Shayna runs with because she’ll beat everyone. She will break Baszler down, week-by-week, little-by-little. She tells Baszler to watch her back.

We get a commercial for NXT TakeOver: Portland, happening this Saturday.

*Commercial Break*

It’s announced that there will be a Tuwaiq trophy match at Super ShowDown featuring AJ Styles, Erick Rowan, Bobby Lashley, and more.

It’s main event time. The heels get in the ring and come face-to-face with all four babyfaces.  Seth Rollins says he has one more thing to say but he gets attacked by Owens. All eight men brawl to the outside as we head to the break.

*Commercial Break*

Kevin Owens, Samoa Joe, & The Viking Raiders Vs. seth rollins, murphy, authors of pain

We return to see the match underway, with Erik man-handling Murphy. Samoa Joe tag in and he tees off on Murphy before whipping him to the ropes and delivering a running shoulder and a kick to the head. Owens tags in and he hits a splash to Murphy, followed by crotch chops to Seth Rollins on the apron.

Erik and Ivar team to body slam each other onto Murphy. Akam makes the tag and catches Erik with a spinebuster, followed by ground and pound. Rezar tags in and teams with Akam to deliver a knee to the face, followed by European uppercuts. Rollins tags in and applies a sleeper hold to Erik.

Murphy tags in again and he methodically beats on Erik until the big man knocks everyone from the apron and makes the tag to Ivar, who knocks Murphy down with a shoulder. Sidewalk slam and a crossbody from Ivar, then turns him inside out with a lariat.

*Commercial Break*

Back live and Murphy tags in to stomp on KO. Owens is thrown to the outside and Murphy distracts the referee, allowing Rollins to cheap shot Owens on the floor. AOP work in tandem to keep Owens isolated and hurt.

Murphy is legal again and he takes a rear chinlock on Owens. KO fights back, punches Seth on the apron, and drops Murphy before tagging Samoa Joe. The bulldozer tees off on the now-legal Seth Rollins and catches him with an atomic drop, big boot, and a running senton. Seth rolls to the outside and Joe looks for a suicide dive but AOP get on the apron. Erik and Ivar knock them off, then they and Joe hit stereo suicide dives.

Joe gets Seth back in the ring and they go back and forth until Joe hits a urinage for a near-fall. All hell breaks loose as everyone gets their $hit in. Owens takes to the top rope and dives onto everyone at ringside with a senton! Meanwhile in the ring, Joe catches Seth in the Coquida Clutch but Seth tagged Murphy, who comes off the top with a springboard. Joe grabs Murphy with the Coquida Clutch and he taps….but AOP distrated the referee and Seth hit Joe with The Stomp. Murphy pins Joe for the win!

Winners: Seth Rollins, Murphy, & Author’s of Pain

The Monday Night Messiah and his disciples make hasty retreat up the ramp.

And that’s all we have for Monday Night Raw. Let us know what you thought and come back tomorrow for more wrestling news. Until then, safe travels.