Kofi Kingston turned last year’s WrestleMania into “KofiMania.” Now it is almost one year later and he can see everything that has transpired since then.

Kingston had a chance to stop in and chat with WWE The Bump. They brought up his big WrestleMania win against Daniel Bryan and how it continues to stand as such an amazing moment to this day.

“It’s crazy number one that WrestleMania is right around the corner. This was almost a year ago, but I feel like as WWE Superstars — oh my god I’m getting emotional — okay yeah man… you hope that you can have a moment that brings people together, a memorable moment.”

“I’m just so appreciative that I had that moment number one for people who look like myself. It’s one thing to say that anything is possible in theory and it’s another thing to say that anything is possible because it actually happened. ‘I believe I can do this because you did.’ For me it was an incredible moment to be the guy that people can look up to — beyond race — to be the guy that anyone can look up to who’s been through any kind of struggle or has had to fight for something for so long or have had moments like you know you don’t know if you’re gonna achieve that dream or not, but you just keep on plugging away and you keep pushing hoping that it happens.”


“Luckily with me, the stars aligned and I able to capitalize and not just myself but through the help of E and Woods and most importunately the WWE Universe.”

Kofi Kingston had a lot of people to thank when everything was said and done, but he achieved that huge career moment thanks mostly to his incredible hard work ethic and determination to never stop reaching for that brass ring no matter how far away it was.

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