New Video Surfaces Of WWE Security Attacking Bobby Lashley & Lana’s Reverend During RAW

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Lana and Bobby Lashley finished getting married this week. It almost didn’t happen for them once again because security attacked their reverend as he was getting in the ring.

Actor Rick Malone was sitting at ringside until his time to get in the ring came up. Once AJ Styles exited, Malone started to get in the ring, but there was a big issue.

Security attacked Malone because they weren’t told he was approved to be in the ring. Then someone on WWE’s crew had to inform security that they had the wrong guy.

You can see from this fan video below that security didn’t realize they had the wrong guy until they already had Rick Malone out of the ring. They were just about to eject him over something he was being paid by WWE to do.

This is what happened tonight at WWE/RAW: I needed to get into the ring in order to consummate the “Bobby Lashley and Lana Wedding” ceremony (which was totally disrupted last Monday night in Hartford CT), but security prevented me, so I had no other choice but to dive into the ring headfirst. Security was not pleased! But the married couple was very happy! ❤️

Posted by Rick Malone on Monday, January 6, 2020

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