Lacey Evans’ daughter started getting a focus in her mother’s current feud with Sasha Banks. The Lady Of WWE is able to take her daughter on the road with her because their life is ready to be on the go.

While speaking to After The Bell, Lacey Evans explained why she homeschools their daughter. There is a lot going on and Evans must keep everything in line by planning out her life in meticulous order.

“It never ends. Being a mother is the best title that I can ever hold in my life; being a wife is amazing as well. But we start our mornings with homeschooling. We’ve got chickens, we’ve got cows we have to feed. I take pride in taking care of my family. I take pride in taking care of my husband and being the wife that he deserves, as well as the mother my daughter deserves. I chose homeschooling so that way we can hit the road. We have commercials coming up, luckily with my baby which I am excited about that. [It’s for] Military Makeover, as a host on Lifetime TV. It’s a lot of traveling, so I have to prepare, and plan ahead, and be one step ahead of the game. And when I say game, I mean life in general because WWE expects something from me, and they pay me good enough to make sure they get that mentally, physically and emotionally – to get that character that they need.”

“But with that same breath, I’m also a mother that my family needs, which they need so much from me. There is a lot of planning involved. When the cameras aren’t on me, I’ve got planners in my hands. I’m setting weeks in advance of what is going to be expected of me from all levels as a wife, a mother, and a sports entertainer. If we are not feeding our cows, our chickens, and taking care of our property, I am homeschooling my baby and me and my husband are working on our relationship, so I have a lot of different titles that I juggle. So if there’s not a planner in my hand, then I’d be surprised, because that is what definitely keeps me ready for anything.”


Lacey Evans’ time as a WWE Superstar is just getting started. So is her family’s life on the road. Her journeys with WWE have already taken Evans all around world. She is able to hold everything together with a lot of planning because it isn’t easy keeping so many aspects of her life going at once.

Thanks to Wrestling Inc for the quote

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