Cody Rhodes has been on a quest to secure as many of this father’s ideas as possible. This included an attempt to trademark “Dusty Rhodes.” That didn’t work out this time, but there’s still hope he’ll get it.

The situation with Cody trademarking “Dusty Rhodes” was thought to be a “done deal” in November as Pro Wrestling Sheet reports. Now they have hit a wall as it was rejected for being too close to “Dustin Rhodes.”

Here, the marks share one term, “RHODES”, and a highly similar term “DUSTY/DUSTIN”, and share the same overall commercial impression of that of a surname and given name, respectively. Given the high similarity in appearance, sound, and meaning of the marks, the marks are confusingly similar. 

The reason for it being rejected is because Dustin Rhodes already has trademarks in the same entertainment area so they didn’t want to cause confusion.


Cody’s representative is still confident that they will secure the trademark on his famous father’s name. They will just have to approach the next steps of appealing or getting permission from the person whose copyright conflicts with them. Since Cody’s brother Dustin is the one who owns the name conflicting with this attempt to copyright it might be an easy fix.

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