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Tonight’s episode of WWE Friday Night SmackDown is five days before Christmas. It won’t be WWE’s final show before Santa Clause comes to town, but if you want those RAW spoilers you can click here.

There a few things confirmed for tonight’s show already. We will see Daniel Bryan in his new trimmed up look. He resembles the same look he had a decade and Renee Young is jealous of his anti-aging abilities.

Dana Brooke will also have a match against Bayley. Let’s see if Sasha Banks gets involved in that one. Lacey Evans could be around as well because she’s the one going after Bayley’s SmackDown Women’s Title.


Also, we will have a tag team match with The New Day taking on Shinsuke Nakamura and Cesaro. Sami Zayn is also likely to be around and hopefully, work a microphone.

All that and more is expected for tonight so check back at 8:00 PM EST and we’ll get rolling when the show starts on Fox.

Opening Segment

Daniel Bryan came out looking like it was 2009. He did Yes Chants all the way to the ring.

There were some “Daniel Bryan” chants before he spoke. He said it’s great to be back in Brooklyn. Then he addressed the last couple of weeks. He doesn’t know where he’s been. All he knows is that he felt the Fiend rip out his beard and hair and then when he looked in the mirror he didn’t notice what was missing… the “Daniel Bryan brand.” He said it was gone, but it didn’t feel lacking.

Bryan said his daughter cried when she saw him without his beard. She didn’t know who she was because all she knew was Daniel Bryan the brand. She didn’t recognize him, but he recognized himself. He saw the man who never main evented Mania. He had to scratch and claw so he kicked Wyatt’s ass.

Then he said he’ll change Bray Wyatt. He said he’ll prove Bray wrong when he said that he can’t feel pain. Then The Miz came out instead.

The Miz said what happened to Bryan was awful, but Bray Wyatt violated his family. He said at TLC it wasn’t about winning or losing, it was about protecting his family. Miz said all Wyatt has is his title so he’ll take it.

Insert King Corbin. He mocked Miz for being scared of a doll in his daughter’s crib. Then he said if his daughter had more of Maryse’s genes it wouldn’t be so scary. Then he mocked Daniel Bryan’s daughter for being scared of him looking like Baby Yoda. He said Bryan’s brand is failure and Corbin brought up all the matches he won.

Corbin said he’s next in line for the Universal Title because he beat Roman Reigns at TLC. Then he said Bryan and Miz failed at being Superstars and fathers. They dropped their mics and then Ziggler jumped both of them from behind. Corbin nailed an End Of Days and then the heels celebrated.

Heavy Machinery vs The Revival – Miracle On 34th Street Fight

Heavy Machinery cut a promo backstage. Mandy Rose walked up and gave him a ham and a kiss on the cheek.

Otis and Tucker took control early. They did their Bushwhackers impressions. Then The Revival bounced Tucker off the announce table before shoving cookies into Otis’ mouth.

Dawson knocked the presents away and used one as a weapon. Otis took control and almost splashed Wilder through a table, but Dawson sprayed him with a fire extinguisher and they put Otis through a table with a powerbomb off the apron.

We came back from commercial and Heavy Machinery turned things around on The Top Guys. Wilder ended up taking a Christmas tree to the crotch in the corner. Then Tucker was sent over the announce table and the ham went flying. They got a good close up of the ham.

Dawson picked up the ham and then he bounced it off the floor. Otis was upset. He loves ham. Mandy ham. He no-sold a candy cane kendo stick show and then he put Wilder through a Christmas tree.

Otis went in the ring and started to work on Scott Dawson. Then Otis got out Legos. The Revival took bumps on the Legos and those bumps were underappreciated because Legos hurt. Then Otis got the pin.

Winners: Heavy Machinery

Otis ate the Mandy ham.

Otis was seen backstage and he saw Mandy. He apologized about the ham being destroyed. Mandy said “it’s alright” and they hugged. Then she pulled away and she was covered in Otis’ man sweat. She was disguisted like she’s never seen a wreslter sweat before.

The Revival were still in the ring. Dawson talked trash about the gimmick match. Dash said Christmas trees and Legos is not their legacy. Every week it’s a different joke and it’s at their expense. They want to know what to do about wrestling.

Then Elias came out as Dawson complained about it being “sports entertainment now” instead of wrestling. Elias was super over and he played a little bit of Jingle Bell Rock. Then he played a song about how the Revival should go away. Guess what? They’d like to. Elias said he made his grandma watch a Revival match and now she’s on life support. Then Elias said The Revival are gonna have to make a big change “kinda like Caitlyn Jenner.” The Brooklyn crowd loved that.

Braun Strowman was backstage and Sami Zayn was talking to him because he drew his name in Secret Santa. Braun said something about how Zayn’s tried to ruin the spirit of Christmas. Braun was really getting aggressive about the Holiday Spirit.

Braun wanted an IC Title match… Zayn said “that’s an idea.” They can’t do it tonight because they’re in a tag match tonight. Then they left.

Carmella vs Sonya Deville

Carmella had 3d graphics and pyro in her entrance. That’s new, right?

Sonya kicked Carmella around and then Mella hit a clothesline. Mella hit two kicks and talked some trash. Then she latched on her Code Of Silence and got the submission.

Winner: Carmella

New Day vs Shinsuke Nakamura & Cesaro

The crowd kept singing Nakamura’s theme song as he started out against Kofi. Then went for a bit until Cesaro took a tag and they hit a double team move for a two count.

They continued on and Kofi kept working against both heels until Big E finally took a hot tag and put Shinsuke down with three belly to belly suplexes and a big splash. Nakamura nailed a kick and then Big E slammed him for a pin that Cesaro broke up.

Cesaro was sent to the floor and Kofi hit a dive on him. Then Big E was distracted by Zayn. Nakamura nailed a couple of kicks and sent Big E to the outside. Cesaro blindsided Big E and then Nakamura nailed a knee on the outside.

Shinsuke and Cesaro continued their assault on Big E throughout the commercial break.

When we came back from commercial, Big E was taking a knee to the face. Then Big E hit a clothesline to stop a Kinshasa.

Kofi and Cesaro took tags and Kofi ran a rally on Cesaro for a two count. Kofi nailed the Boom Drop and signaled that he’s going for Trouble In Paradise which Cesaro blocked and then he hit an uppercut.

Cesaro and Nakamura ended up outside. Big E hoisted Kofi onto them for a dive and then Kofi returned to get a two count. Shinsuke knocked Big E off the apron and Cesaro hit the swing and stomp on Kofi for a two count.

Then Kofi rolled Cesaro up and got the pinfall.

Winners: The New Day

After the match was over, the losers beat down New Day. Braun Strowman ran in for the save.

The Miz and Daniel Bryan were backstage. Miz thanked Bryan for saving him at TLC. Bryan said he didn’t do it for Miz. They still don’t like each other.

Bayley vs Dana Brooke

Dana kicked out early after a slam and then Dana came back with a kick. Bayley slammed Brooke down and hit a knee in the corner and some stomps for a two count.

Bayley asked if she was stupid and then hit a suplex for a two count. Brooke nailed another kick and went to the top rope. Then she hit a senton for a two count before Bayley grabbed the bottom rope.

Brooke nailed some clotheslines and a handspring elbow before hitting a shoulder tackle for a two count. Then Bayley nailed a Bayley To Belly for the win.

Winner: Bayley

Then Lacey Evans came down looking ready to fight and she ran the heels off before Bayley and Banks do more damage. Lacey got on the microphone and called Banks a “legit bully with a big mouth and no backbone.” Then she challenged her for a match.

Lacey Evans vs Sasha Banks

Banks rubbed Lacey’s face into the turnbuckle and hit her with the knees for a two count. Banks hit Evans with a dropkick and talked some trash to her before getting another two count off.

Evans nailed a boot in defense and then she slammed Banks down on the apron before kicking her to the outside. Bayley almost got involved, but Evans backed her up.

Evans feigned a Women’s Right and Bayley moved. Then Banks jumped her and they showed Evans’ husband and daughter at ringside. So Banks beat Evans down in front of them. The referee called the match with a 10 count.

Then Evans jumped Banks after she got in her daughter’s face. There was a brawl and a pull apart.

Daniel Bryan & The Miz vs King Corbin & Dolph Ziggler

The Miz and Daniel Bryan didn’t seem to get along at first. Then they rallied and ran the heels out of the ring pretty quickly.

When we came back from commercial, Bryan and Corbin were in the ring and Bryan was rallying with Yes Chants and running dropkicks in the corner. Corbin nailed a Deep 6 for a two count.

Ziggler got the tag and started working on Bryan until he tagged in Corbin who continued abusing Bryan. Since Daniel is a babyface again he’s going to take a lot of abuse.

Ziggler took the tag next and he rained some fists down on Bryan before tagging Corbin back in. They were tagging in and out often to keep a fresh man on Daniel Bryan.

Bryan used some headbutts to separate himself from Corbin and he hit a dropkick before tagging Miz as Dolph took a tag too. Then Miz rallied on Ziggler before Corbin broke up the pin.

Corbin ate a Skull Crushing Finale before Dolph hit a Zig Zag. The Miz locked in a Figure 4 and Bryan nailed a running knee on Baron Corbin so Ziggler tapped out.

Winners: Daniel Bryan and The Miz

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