Renee Young Wants Daniel Bryan’s Anti-Aging Secrets

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Daniel Bryan made his big return at WWE TLC. He looked like the American Dragon once again. Fans all over were astounded by how he hadn’t aged a bit in the past decade and that included Renee Young.

Although Renee Young wasn’t on the WWE TLC broadcast, she was paying attention to the show. This was a far cry from her WWE Backstage broadcast partner CM Punk.

When Young saw that Daniel Bryan’s transformation looked like it included stepping into a time machine she was shocked. Renee Young also wanted to know Daniel Bryan’s secrets.

How does he not age?!? @BellaTwins tell us his secrets!

The Bella Twins might have Daniel Bryan’s secrets. Then again, perhaps it is his incredibly healthy lifestyle complete with vegan eating and taking care of himself. Either way, we are quite impressed to see how little Daniel Bryan has aged as well.

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