WWE Superstars put a lot of damage on their bodies for the enjoyment of the fans. Sometimes this means that they work hurt.

During Fightful Select’s Q&A a question was asked about WWE Superstars working through injuries. If they’re hurt they might not tell management about their issues.

If a WWE Superstar is pulled off the road then their contracts could be frozen. This presents a big problem for WWE Superstars who want out of the company.

“Yes, if they want out of their deal it does encourage wrestlers to [not report an injury]. Or, it encourages Superstars to ask for their release, but be willing to work. That’s why a lot of people haven’t had time frozen on their deals. They’ve been requesting their releases, but saying that they’d work through it as well. So, [WWE] can freeze [their contracts] if they miss a show briefly for a week or they can’t show up or something like that, but if they’re ready, willing, and able to show up and do the job then they can’t freeze them.”


“I think it does encourage wrestlers to not report injuries. Unfortunately, there are some that you have to because you can’t physically perform.”

Reporting an injury to management could also make them see a Superstar as fragile. That’s never a good look either.

There could be a few WWE Superstars in the company who want out and that won’t happen if WWE freezes their deal. This might encourage some unhealthy work practices.

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