Goldberg defeated Hollywood Hogan in the Georgia Dome in front of around 40,000 people live in the venue. Millions were watching at home on television as history was made with a new WCW World Champion. For Goldberg, some of the most important members of the crowd were in the front row.

After starting out in the football world, Goldberg eventually made his way to pro wrestling. This was not a transition that he was overjoyed to make. Then when he saw members of the Atlanta Falcons roster at ringside things certainly changed for him.

While opening up about the subject on the Broken Skull Sessions, Goldberg discussed this big night of his career and how it all came full circle for him.

“I was honored and privileged to be in the spot and the coolest part was it all came full circle. I had tried to play football. I had gotten a certain amount of success. I had that taken away from me. I went into the wrestling business. I had no desire to do it from birth. I didn’t have a love for it — I did as a fan, but I never assumed that I would be one of those guys because I was a football guy.”


“It happened and I love it and I began to love it exponentially and then I win on the biggest night ever and I’ve got the Falcons there with me. So, this isn’t a knock on the business at all, but the coolest part about that I got to have the guys that I always everyday woke up to try to emulate and try to be wanting to be me.”

“I’m sitting in that corner chained to the ring I’m like ‘Man, there are like four All Pros over there and they’re having the time of their lives. They wanna be me. I don’t wanna be them at this point, they wanna be me.’ There was just some satisfaction to that. It was just a really cool feeling.”

Goldberg said that there are few things that he actually “basks in.” The moment he realized that NFL players wanted to be like him was certainly a moment he still cherishes.

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