WWE Raw Results – December 16, 2019

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Welcome to Ringside News’ live results coverage of Monday Night Raw.

Tonight’s Raw features the fallout from WWE TLC, but truth be told there isn’t much known about the show ahead of time, which has been the case the last few weeks. Will The Kabuki Warriors vacate the Women’s Tag Team Championships after successfully defending them last night? If Kairi Sane’s injury is as serious as rumours suggest, then that is surely the only outcome, but it’s not as though there are many teams waiting to challenge for the belts.

Randy Orton Vs. AJ Styles is the only known match announced for tonight’s show, and it’s like to be the main event. This WrestleMania rematch should deliver between the bells but I wouldn’t be surprised if a screwy finish postpones the real thing until Royal Rumble next month.

Seth Rollins asserts himself atop the food chain tonight with Author’s of Pain at his side; that’s the only other segment that has been announced ahead of time. However something tells me we can expect Kevin Owens to show-up in some capacity.

And that’s literally it. That’s all we know. Hopefully that’s a good thing and we get some nice unexpected match-up’s and new feuds. That said, we’re officially on the road to WrestleMania, so we can expect lots of pointing. Remember to download the Ringside News app, and follow us on Twitter and Instagram. Enjoy the show!


Raw opens with a look back at last week’s “shocking” heel turn from Seth Rollins, and subsequent attack on Kevin Owens.

We go live to the arena in Des Moines and out comes the hometown boy Seth Rollins, making his way to the ring alone. Seth says he wants to introduce the first two men who chose to live on the right side of history, Akam and Rezar. The Author’s of Pain make their entrance, wearing suits, and shake Seth’s hand.

Seth says that, when he debuted in NXT, everyone said he was the future of WWE. And when he showed up on the main roster, people said he was the future. And this past year he did the unthinkable, twice, in pinning Brock Lesnar, and people said Seth Rollins is the future. And it wasn’t just fans, it was other Superstars, it was corporate, everybody. But then something changed, and people started to question his leadership. He says he needs to explain something; being a leader is not about being cool, it’s about making decision for the sake of progress. Rollins says Kevin Owens doesn’t get that and what happened to him was a tragedy.

Seth says he tells us the truth every step of the way and that isn’t going to change, so here it is; he is a leader. He says he is going to lead WWE and the industry into the next decade, and he will do so kicking and screaming if he has to. He will impose his will. And if you resist, AOP will enforce his will. Now, there’s something he needs to address. This is something that isn’t going to be popular but he has a score to settle and it will be settled tonight. So he’s going to apologise right now, for what he’s going to do tonight.

The Raw Tag Team Champions, The Viking Raiders, make their way to the ring. They will face The O.C. in a rematch from last night, after the break.

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The O.C. come out and Karl Anderson tells the crowd to shut up. He says they will be the first to admit that The Viking Raiders are the most unstoppable tag team to hit the WWE in decades, but there’s only one tag team that holds a victory over them: The O.C. He continues, last night, the Viking Raiders sacrificed themselves with dangerous dives out of the ring to make sure they didn’t lose twice to them. Gallows says the ugly sumbitches in the ring may be the Raw Tag Team Champions, but they’re not the best tag team in the world.

The Viking Raiders vs. The O.C.

Luke Gallows starts against Ivar, and Gallows kicks him and applies a side headlock. Ivar whips him off, but Gallows shoulder tackles him. Ivar shoulder tackles him right back, so Gallows responds with an uppercut. Karl Anderson tags in, so Ivar picks him up and slams him into the corner. Erik tags in and viciously knees Karl in the face. Erik knees Anderson in the gut and applies a crossface.

Ivar tags in, and he scoop slams Anderson, then Erik scoop slams Ivar onto Anderson. Ivar clubs Anderson in the face before clubbing the back. Ivar wrenches the arm and tags Erik again. Erik takes Anderson down and hits a delayed vertical suplex for a two count. Erik applies an armbar but Anderson rakes the eyes and makes the tag to Gallows.

Erik slingshots over Gallows, ducks a lariat, and forearms him in the face to knock him out of the ring. Erik hits the ropes for a suicide dive, but Gallows uppercuts him. Gallows then connects with a fallaway slam into the barricade.

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We’re back live and Karl Anderson has Erik in a sleeper. The Viking fights up and looks for a tag but gets caught with a spinebuster for a two-count. Gallows tags in and unloads on Erik in the corner, before delivering a big boot. Gallows drops elbows to the neck of Erik, then applies a sleeper.

Erik fights to his feet but gets hit with a belly-to-back suplex and tags Karl. Anderson continues the beat down and takes his time to talk trash. Erik fights back and counters a back suplex to tag Ivar, who comes in like a wrecking ball. Ivar knocks Gallows from the apron and clotheslines Anderson down. Ivar hits a seated senton in the corner but Luke breaks the pinfall attempt.

Ivar lifts Anderson and puts him in the corner, only to get caught with a neckbreaker. Gallows tags in and they hit a double-team neckbreaker for a near-fall. Anderson tags-in again and they look to double clothesline Ivar but he runs through it to hit a handspring back elbow to both. Erik returns and they hit stereo suicide dives to Gallows and Anderson on the floor.

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Back live and Gallows is beating on Ivar in the ring. Tag made to Anderson and they hit a double team boot of doom for a near-fall. Ivar hits a senton to Anderson and tags Erik, who comes in against Gallows and slams him. Erik hits a float-over knee to Anderson that knocks him from the ring.

Ivar tags in and gets thrown into Gallows by Erik for a near-fall. Gallows avoids The Viking Experience and tags Anderson, who rakes the eyes of Erik on the ropes. Anderson hits a running European uppercut, then looks for a kick in the corner but gets caught and hit with a spinebuster. Ivar takes to the top rope and looks for a moonsault but Gallows pulls Anderson out of the way. Anderson knocks Erik from the apron and hit the Magic Killer to Ivar for the win!

Winners: The O.C.

We see a video from last week when Sara Schreiber tried to find out what was in inside Erick Rowan’s cage – he told her it’s a loved one he would go to the ends of the earth for. Rowan is making his way ringside, next!

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The O.C. are backstage, celebrating with AJ Styles, who says he’s going to take-out Randy Orton tonight and complete the night. He says he wants to take care of this on his own. He’s being looking forward to this and he plans on ending Randy’s career.

Erick Rowan Vs. Dante Leon

Leon leaves the ring right away and looks to run around it but Rowan goes out after him. The kid crawls under the ring and goes around the side of the cage but Rowan runs at him and he turns tail. Rowan catches him and hits a big body tackle. Rowan throws Dante back in the ring and hits a facehugger chokeslam, then another, and wins.

Winner: Erick Rowan

Charly Caruso interviews Andrade backstage, and Zelina Vega is with him. Caruso says Andrade would be the favourite in a gauntlet match tonight, but Humberto Carrillo is also in the match. Andrade speaks Spanish, so Zelina steps in and mocks Charly. Vega says they know Humberto has beaten Andrade twice and it was the best thing that ever happened to Carrillo, but it was also the worst thing. Because now they take him seriously. Andrade speaks more Spanish and they walk off.

Bobby Lashley & Lana will have a victory party next.

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