Paige might not be wrestling anymore, but she really wants the best for all females in WWE. She has recently spoken about the treatment of WWE’s women’s division and how it’s ludicrous that they never held Evolution II.

One fan fired back a tweet at Paige defending WWE. He said that men don’t get their own pay-per-views as he took his own stance on what equality in pro wrestling means. This fan said:

Sorry but can’t agree. If WWE were to come out and say “we are going to have a male only ppv” people would go crazy. You don’t get equality by having women only ppv’s. Push the good work you and others do, ppv by merit not for the sake of it

Paige fired back to remind this fan that WWE’s Saudi Arabian events were male only until recently. WWE has a lot of talented female Superstars and they just aren’t getting a proper focus.


They did. They had Saudi till recent. But who cares if we have an all female PPV ONCE a year? It’s a great way for all the females in the company to get a chance to shine. We have so much talent it’s a great way to continue to showcase that.

Another fan replied back to Paige saying: “Darling Saudi Arabia’s shows are different matter, it is beyond what you think.” Paige didn’t let this reply sit on her timeline for long before replying to that message as well.

Okay take Saudi out of the equation. how about the years before the evolution when the women would be the first to get cut on every show. Therefore it being an all male show? Is it really that big of an issue to have ONE PPV a year dedicated to the female superstars?

Paige is a very vocal member of the WWE roster and a constant advocate for the women’s division. There might have been a reason why some fans hoped that WWE would turn Paige into the female Paul Heyman. Since she just signed a new long-term deal with WWE that is always a possibility.

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