Internal Belief That More WWE Releases Are Coming

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WWE released The Ascension, Luke Harper, and Sin Cara from their WWE contracts last weekend. It was a big surprise to see them cut Superstars after holding out for so long.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that there is a belief within WWE that they aren’t done cutting Superstars. This could change as so many things are likely to be altered in WWE if Vince McMahon changes his mind. At this time they could be letting go some Superstars who aren’t so happy.

Regarding releases, within the company the belief is that there are more coming. But these things change rapidly, as for so long it was nobody getting released, then it was if they aren’t happy let them go, and then still, nobody was getting released.

It might also be worth noting that WWE didn’t release any Superstars that were younger than 39 years old. That could play a factor in their decision because of how younger stars have more of a possibility of being of value to another promotion. Jordan Myles was an exception, but his case was incredibly unique as well.

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