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Next week is gearing up to be a big week, as both the NXT Championship and the NXT Women’s Championship will be on the line. However, before we can get to that, we have a few things to take care of this week.

After being surprised by Mia Yim last week, Dakota Kai will have to face the woman that she attacked two weeks ago tonight, as Mia Yim looks to finally get retribution when she and Kai go one-on-one.

Also tonight, after over a month of trading blows, Lio Rush and Angel Garza look to settle things as Garza will once again challenge Lio Rush for Rush’s NXT Cruiserweight Championship. Will The Man of the Hour emerge victorious once again, or will Garza clip Lio’s wings and emerge as the new Cruiserweight Champion?


Finally, before we head into next week’s NXT Championship match, a #1 Contender must be crowned, and tonight will feature a triple threat match to determine that contender as Tomasso Ciampa, Finn Balor, and Keith Lee square off in a triple threat match. The winner will go on to challenge Adam Cole for the NXT Championship next week. Balor, Ciampa, and Lee have all been vying for a match with Cole and chasing after the title, but one of these three men will get the opportunity to dethrone the Panama City Playboy, but who will it be? Find out tonight.

All of this action and more as we head into one of the final episodes of NXT, and we will begin coverage here when NXT goes live at 8:00 PM EST!

Opening Segment

Recap of the events of last week begins, but Adam Cole interrupts the recap and berates all 3 members of the triple threat match tonight.

Angel Garza vs. NXT Cruiserweight Champion Lio Rush for the NXT Cruiserweight Championship

Before the introductions are finished, Rush drops his belt and runs right at Garza. Garza smiles as the ref pulls Rush back, and when the ref rings the bell, Garza and Rush immediately begin clubbing away at each other. Garza charges Rush to the outside, and Rush whips Garza into the steel steps. Rush gets to the apron, looking for a moonsault, but Garza pulls Rush down, sending Rush facefirst into apron.

Garza sends Rush into the ring and taunts a downed Rush by potentially taking off his own pants. Rush tries to catch Garza with a roll up, but both men evade each other’s blows until Rush goes for a Come Up. Garza evades the Come Up and drops Rush with a dropkick to the head. Garza gets Rush tied up in the corner and rocks Rush with a superkick, pinning Rush for a 2.

Rush fights up to a vertical base and Garza and Rush trade blows. Rush runs the ropes, avoiding Garza as best as he can, but Garza eventually catches Rush and sends him flying, with Rush’s neck connecting with the top rope. Rush goes to the outside as Garza taunts from inside the ring and we go to commercial.

Back from commercial, and Rush hits a flying headscissors takedown on Garza. Rush looks for a top-rope assisted hurricanrana, but Garza catches Rush. Rush pulls Garza to the outside and hits a moonsault onto Garza to the outside, then rolls Garza back into the ring and hits Garza with the head with a big kick, getting a two count.

Garza and Rush run the ropes, but Garza hits Rush with Rush’s own Come Up, getting a two count. Garza goes for an inverted suplex, but Rush reverses into a crossbody, covering Garza for 2 count. Rush goes to climb the turnbuckle, but Garza gets to his feet and hits Rush with an enziguri, stalling Rush at the top. Garza gets to the top rope. Rush pushes Garza from the top, but Garza flips and rolls through, going right back to the top and hitting an avalanche Spanish fly, getting Garza a very close 2 count.

Garza and Rush trade slaps to the face, but Garza upgrades to headbutts. Rush hits Garza with a roundhouse and Garza hits Rush with a superkick, then both men collapse. Garza goes for the Wingclipper, but Rush reverses and hits a Wingclipper of his own on Garza, getting a two count.

Rush looks to his wrist, gesturing for the Come Up, but Garza catches Rush. Garza gets Rush in an electric chair, but Rush leaps from Garza’s shoulders and hits a Come Up on Garza for a 2 count. Rush goes to the top rope and hits a Final Hour Frogsplash, but Garza rolls out of the ring before Rush can make the pin. Rush tries to stop Garza from escaping by grabbing the pants, but Garza’s pants come off. Rush goes to the top rope again and goes for a Final Hour Frogsplash to the outside, but Garza gets his knees up.

Garza rolls Rush back into the ring and hits a Wingclipper on Rush, getting a very close 2 count on Rush. Garza locks in for another Wingclipper, but instead decides to go for a reverse full Nelson submission, and Lio Rush taps out.

Winner: Angel Garza

Nigel McGuinness introduces a video package of Shayna Baszler hyping up her match next week.

Cameron Grimes is shown backstage warming up for his upcoming match with Raul Mendoza, and we go to commercial.

Back from commercial, and Finn Balor is backstage cutting a promo on the triple threat match and his opponents, saying that he will become a two-time NXT Champion next week.

We see a promo from Angel Garza during the break, and Garza talks about the most important things in his life, wrestling, the support of the NXT Universe, his family, and his girlfriend, and he proposed to his girlfriend in the middle of the ring. She said yes and they celebrated together, seemingly marking Garza with a full face turn.

Cameron Grimes vs. Raul Mendoza

Before the match, we see a video from Cameron Grimes attacking Kushida at the WWE Performance Center last night.

Mendoza charges right at Grimes and catches him off guard, hitting Grimes with kicks to the face. Grimes rolls out of the ring, and Mendoza follows up with a springboard corkscrew dive onto Grimes. Mendoza rolls Grimes back into the ring and Mendoza goes for a diving move, but Grimes reverses.

Before he can capitalize, Kushida comes down the ramp and distracts Cameron Grimes. Raul Mendoza catches Grimes by surprise and rolls up Cameron Grimes for the pinfall victory.

Winner: Raul Mendoza

Kushida grabs Cameron Grimes’s top hat and puts it on in front of Grimes, taunting him and walking to the back.

Mia Yim is interviewed backstage, and she says that she will not just wrestle Dakota Kai, she will hurt Dakota Kai, and it will be Kai’s turn to ride in an ambulance.

A promo for NXT UK’s Travis Banks runs, and Banks is in action next, after this commercial break.

Back from break, and Mauro Ranallo tells us that voting for the NXT Year-End Awards is now up.

Jaxon Riker (w/Steve Cutler and Wesley Blake) vs. Travis Banks

Riker pushes Banks, but Banks unloads kicks on Riker. Riker tosses Banks out of ring and follows, but Banks gets back in and hits a dive on Riker. Riker reverses and tosses a vulnerable Banks back into the ring. Riker hits a springboard suplex on Banks. Riker grabs Banks by the neck and pushes him against the ropes, but Banks sends Riker face-first into the corner.

Banks follows it up with a series of kicks to Riker and then a diving move into Riker’s back. Banks climbs the top rope and goes for a top rope move, but Riker evades and lays out Banks. Banks fights back to his feet and runs from corner to corner, hitting a Slice of Heaven on Jaxon Riker for the 3 count pinfall victory.

Winner: Travis Banks

Up next, Mia Yim will take on Dakota Kai, right after this commercial break.

Back from commercial, and we head right into the next match.

Mia Yim vs. Dakota Kai

Yim fires out of the corner with a missile dropkick on Kai, then tosses Kai across the ring by the hair. Kai goes for an enziguri, but Yim ducks and takes out Kai with a basement dropkick. Kai whips Yim into the corner, but Yim uses the ropes and locks in a hold on Kai, then hits Kai with a dropkick from the top rope.

Kai catches Yim with a series of kicks, but Yim low-bridges Kai and sends her to the outside. Yim follows, whipping Kai into the steel steps, then follows it up with a cannonball senton onto Kai. Then, we go to commercial.

Back from commercial, and Yim pins Kai for a 2 count. Kai slams Yim’s face into the turnbuckle and follows it up with a kick to the face. Yim is on her knees and Kaiis kicking away at Yim. Yim takes Kai down with a clothesline and a kick, pinning Kai for a 2 count.

Yim hits an overhead belly to belly suplex on Kai, getting another two count. Yim sets up for a Code Blue, but Kai evades. Yim hits Kai with a series of elbows and hits the Code Blue, getting a two count on Kai.

Yim charges at Kai in the corner, but Kai evades. Kai runs at Yim and Yim tries to hit a double stomp on Kai. Kai grabs Yim’s feet and gets Yim on her shoulders, hitting her with a sit-out powerbomb for a 2 count.

Kai goes a corner kick to the face on Yim, but Yim dodges, kicking Kai’s leg and hitting Kai with a German suplex, getting a 2 count. Mia Yim hits a knee to the face, but Kai rolls out fo the ring. Yim goes to the outside and rolls Kai back into the ring. Kai goes to the turnbuckle and grabs Nox’s kneebrace, looking to use it as a weapon. The ref stops her and takes the kneebrace.

While the ref is distracted, Kai removes the padding from the turnbuckle and drives Yim’s face directly into the exposed turnbuckle. Kai rolls up Yim off of the impact and Kai gets the three count pinfall.

Winner: Dakota Kai

Kai exits the ring and celebrates, but Yim is not going to let Kai escape. Yim sends Kai into the audience and sets tables near the tech side of the audience. Kai and Yim brawl to higher ground and Yim hits a back suplex on Kai, sending both Kai and herself through the tables. Yim gets to her feet, but Kai stays down.

Keith Lee gets a video package, hyping himself up for the triple threat match tonight. Then, we go to commercial.

Back from commercial, and we head right into another match. Tyler Breeze and Fandango get a doctor-themed entrance.

Breezango vs. The Singh Brothers

Tyler Breeze starts for his team, and Sunil starts for his. Breeze hits a backcraker, getting a two count. Fandango tags in, and Sunil gets Dango into a corner before tagging in Sumir. Dango gets a legdrop on Sumi, getting a two count. Sunil and Tyler Breeze tag in, and Sunil charges right at Tyler. Fandango tries to get in the ring and distracts the ref so Sumir can attack Breeze. Sumir tags in and they hit the Bollywood Blast on Breeze for a 2 count.

Sumir has Breeze in a headlock, but Breeze fights out with a step-up enziguri. Breeze tags in Fandango and Sunil tag in. Dango hits an avalanche falcon arrow on Sumir, then another falcon arrow on Sunil for a 2 count. Breeze and Fandango hit tandem offense on Sumir and Sunil. Fandango hits a legdrop on Sunil from the top rope for the 3 count pinfall victory.

Winners: Breezango

Up next, a preview of Shayna Baszler vs. Rhea Ripley’s matchup next week. First, a commercial.

Back from commercial, and a video package runs hyping up Rhea Ripley.

Kayden Carter vs. Bianca Belair

Belair tosses a shirt at Carter, distracting her, and taking her down with kicks. Belair corners Carter, then whips her into the ropes. Carter hits Belair with a kick to the face and covers Belair, but Belair kicks out early. Belair whips Carter into the corner and Carter tries to hit a spinning headscissor takedown, but Belair grabs Carter and hits a pendulum backbreaker on Carter.

Belair picks up Carter and locks in a backbreaker rack on Belair. Carter hits a jawbraker on Belair, but Belair sidesteps Carter and picks Carter back up. Carter goes fora sunset flip, but Belair blocks and deadlifts Carter, tossing her back into the mat, pinning her for a 2 count.

Belair taunts Carter, but Carter slaps Belair in the face. Carter goes for a Tornado DDT, but Belair blocks it and hits a slingshot suplex on Carter. Belair goes for a standing moonsault, but Carter gets her knees up. Belair is dumped to the outside, and Carter strikes Belair with kick from the apron.

Back in the ring, and Carter goes for a handspring back elbow, but Belair sidesteps and spears Kayden Carter, then hits a K.O.D. on Carter for a 3 count pinfall victory.

Winner: Bianca Belair

The Undisputed Era’s music hits, and Adam Cole comes out alone. Cole makes his way to the ring, presumably to sit ringside during the main event. Nigel tells us that the triple threat main event is up next, right after this commercial break.

Back from commercial, and Cole is shown on the platform above the commentary table. Tomasso Ciampa gets his own video package for the triple threat. Ciampa looks into the camera and says, “Goldie, tonight is for you!” Then, Ciampa makes his entrance.

Tomasso Ciampa vs. Keith Lee vs. Finn Balor to Determine the #1 Contender for the NXT Championship

Balor immediately goes after Lee, but Ciampa immediately goes after Balor. Lee dumps Balor to the outside, and Lee chases him. Ciampa tries to hit a draping DDT on Balor, but Balor instead gets off of the apron and into the hands of Keith Lee. Lee dumps Balor onto the apron, and Ciampa grabs Balor in the middle of the ring. Lee goes to get in the ring, but Ciampa turns his attention to Lee and tries to hit the draping DDT on Lee. Balor comes from behind and attacks Ciampa, but Lee hits a springboard crossbody onto Ciampa and Balor. Lee stands tall, and we go to commercial.

Back from commercial, and Lee is in charge of Ciampa and Balor, with each man dazed in opposite corners. Lee runs corner to corner, but Balor delivers a dropkick on Lee back. Balor hits a dropkick on Lee and Ciampa hits a clothesline on Lee, eliminating Lee from the equation temporarily.

Ciampa kicks away at Balor in the corner, then slams his face into a turnbuckle. Ciampa follows it up with a running knee to Balor’s face, then a running knee to Lee’s face just as Lee is getting back in the ring. Ciampa focuses back on Balor, but Lee tries to get in the ring and Ciampa hits a double Widow’s Bell on Lee and Balor. Ciampa grabs Balor and hits an Air Raid Crash on Lee while holding Balor. Ciampa pins Balor and gets a two count, then pins Lee for a two count.

Balor rolls out of the ring, and Keith Lee is back to his feet. Ciampa and Lee trade blows and kicks, then Ciampa hits an eye poke on Lee. Ciampa looked to pick up Lee but couldn’t do it. Lee takes down Ciampa with chest chops and goes for a splash, but Ciampa gets his knees up.

Ciampa goes for a Fairytale Ending on Lee, but Balor runs back in and hits a double stomp on Lee and Ciampa. Balor goes for a dropkick on Lee, but Lee sidesteps and gets Ciampa and Balor in opposite corners again. Lee runs the corners again and tosses Balor into Ciampa, then Lee hits a double backdrop on both me. Lee stacks Ciampa’s body on top of Balor’s and looks for a Vader Bomb, but Ciampa gets up and stops Lee. Ciampa follows Lee to the middle rope and Balor joins them. Balor and Ciampa hits a double side Russian Leg Sweep on Lee from the middle rope. Then, we go to commercial break.

Back from commercial, and Balor is on the top rope. Ciampa chops away at Balor’s chest, then follows him to the top rope and sets Balor up for an Air Raid Crash. Lee grabs Ciampa in an electric chair while Ciampa holds Balor in an Air Raid Crash position. Lee drops both me back, and drapes an arm around Ciampa for a 2 count near fall.

Lee drags Ciampa into a corner, and Lee goes for a moonsault on Ciampa, but Ciampa avoids it. Ciampa goes for a FairyTale Ending but Lee reverses into a Jackhammer. Lee goes for a Jackhammer on Balor, but Balor turns it into a Coup de Grace. Balor takes out Lee and Ciampa on the outside. Balor hits a dropkick on Ciampa into the barricade, then rolls Ciampa back in the ring. Balor goes for a Coup de Grace on Ciampa, but Ciampa rolls out of the way. Lee enters the ring and sends Balor out of the ring. Ciampa hits an Air Raid Crash on Lee, for a 2 count.

Ciampa runs at Lee, but Lee picks up and plants Ciampa. Lee goes for the moonsault on Ciampa again and pins him for a 2 count. Lee picks up Ciampa and hits a Spirit Bomb on Ciampa, but just as Lee lands, Balor hits a Coup de Grace on Lee, pinning Lee for the three count.

Winner: Finn Balor

Next week, two NXT Championship matches will take place when Shayna Baszler and Adam Cole will defend their championships against Rhea Ripley and Finn Balor. Finn Balor stands in the ring and stares down Adam Cole as Cole retreats up the ramp. The rest of Undisputed Era come and stand next to Cole and pose with him on the ramp as Balor stares them down and NXT goes off the air.

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