AEW Dynamite Results – December 11, 2019

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Welcome to Ringside News’ coverage of AEW Dynamite for December 11th, 2019.

Tonight’s show will feature the highly-anticipated street fight between The Young Bucks and Proud & Powerful. These two teams have been at each others throats for the past few week and tonight will only escalate things further. It was a real weird decision last week to have Santana, Ortiz, and Guevara lose clean to The Bucks and Dustin Rhodes, but maybe the heels can get some heat back tonight.

Cody gets a chance for revenge against The Blade and The Butcher tonight, with QT Marshall as his partner. This is all part of Cody’s bid to get a shot at MJF, but he has to go through one of AEW’s many cults before then – obviously because AEW’s PPV’s are so far apart.

And the only other announced segments tonight are Emi Sakura Vs. Big Swole, and a promo from MJF. It’s not the most exciting card but hopefully that means we get some decent story developments. Anyway, follow along here and remember to follow us on Instagram and Twitter. Enjoy the show!

AEW Dynamite

Dynamite begins and Jon Moxley making his entrance through the crowd for a match.

Jon Moxley Vs. Alex reynolds W/John Silver

The bell rings and Moxley immedately hits a running knee, followed by a Paradigm Shift and wins.

Winner: Jon Moxley

Moxley throws Reynolds from the ring after the match, then John Silver comes in and he gets hit with a Paradigm Shift as well.

The AEW Champion, Chris Jericho, comes out with The Inner Circle in tow and make their way to the ring. Y2J gets in the ring with Moxley, while the rest of the Circle remain on the outside.

Jericho tells Moxley to be cool, that if they had intended to ambush him they would have done it already. It’s just the two of them, gentlemen having a conversation. Jericho says he wants him to know how impressed he has been. He considers Moxley the top guy in AEW. But it’s no surprise because they have a long history. He reminds Moxley that ten years ago he came to him with his Kurt Cobain bowl cut and asked for advice, how to get over. Then later on, they beat the shit out of each other. Jericho attacked him with a potted plant but he taught him how to be a main eventer. And when Moxley needed to reignite his passion for life and the wrestling business, he brought him to AEW.

And what did Moxley do? He laid him out on his debut. But that’s OK, because that proved to him that Jon still had the fire. But he needs him. Jericho asks if he can imagine being a part of The Inner Circle. And that’s why they’re asking him to join, formally. Moxley looks around, and doesn’t answer. Jericho says he doesn’t have to answer tonight, especially in Garland, Texas. He tells him to go home, think it over with his wife, enjoy Christmas. He says him joining The Inner Circle and helping take over AEW, now that would be a true paradigm shift. Jericho places an Inner Circle shirt on Moxley’s shoulder and leaves up the ramp with his pals.

We see a video chronicling the feud between The Young Bucks and Proud & Powerful. That match takes place later tonight. Also tonight, Big Swole faces Emi Sakura, Kenny Omega teams with “Hangman” Page to face Shawn Spears and Kip Sabian, and Luchasauras faces Sammy Guevara. Up next though, Cody is in action.

The Butcher & The Blade W/The Bunny Vs. Cody & QT Marshall

The Blade starts the match against Cody, and Rhodes forces him to the corner and unloads punches before connecting with a snap powerslam for a one count.

The Butcher tags into the match and Marshall asks Cody to let him tag in and Cody obliges. Butcher tosses QT across the ring and then runs him over with a shoulder block. Butcher eats an uppercut from Marshal but shrugs it off and throws him into the ropes. Allie trips QT and The Butcher tags The Blade back in. Blade dives over the top with a Somersault Plancha onto Marshall on the floor as he argued with Allie.

*Commercial Break*

We return from the break and The Blade tosses QT Marshall to the floor and Allie kicks him as The Blade distracts the referee. The Blade goes out and throws Marshall back into the ring but gets caught with a Jawbreaker from QT as he comes back in. Marshall hits an Enziguri and the crowd start to rally. Marshall reaches for the tag but The Butcher comes in only for Marshall to sidestep him and send him to the floor.

The Butcher pulls Cody to the floor the outside to prevent the tag. The Butcher beats on Marshall in the corner, then makes quick tags with The Blade to keep him isolated. The Butcher puts Marshall in a keylock in the middle of the ring. QT starts to fight up but The Butcher whips him into the ropes only for Marshall to bounce back out with a back handspring into an Enziguri! The Blade tags himself in and runs at Marshall in the corner but nobody’s home.

Marshall finally makes the tag to Cody and he connects with a Big Boot to The Blade, followed by a clothesline. Cody knocks The Butcher off the ropes and hits a Disaster Kick to The Butcher on the apron. Cody hits a Moonsault off the top onto The Blade for a near-fall. Cody hits a Springboard Cutter for another near-fall, then looks for the Figure Four but Blade kicks him into the ropes where Allie rakes his eyes.

Marshall tags in and hits a pop-up forearm ala Cesaro to The Blade, which sends him to the floor. Marshall then hits a handspring corkscrew plancha onto The Butcher and The Blade on the floor! Marshall throws The Blade back inside, where Cody hits a heel kick and Marshall hits the CrossRhodes on Blade! Cody hits a suicide dive onto TheButcher on the floor while Marshall hits a corkscrew senton for the pinfall.. but The Blade kicks out! That totally had the fans.

The Butcher trips Cody on the apron and then joins The Blade to gang-up on Marshall in the ring. QT swings a series of strikes at both men but eats a Stunner from The Blade and then a Lariat from Butcher! Butcher and Blade hit a suplex/backstabber combo for the pin and the win.

Winners: The Butcher & The Blade

Darby Allin comes down the ramp after the previous match and blows right past The Butcher, The Blade, and The Bunny. He walks around the ring and extends his hand to Cody, who shakes it. It seems Cody has at least one friends in AEW.

*Commercial Break*

MJF comes out with Wardlow in tow. He gets into the ring and invites one of the AEW ringside workers in with him. He says the guy was laughing last week when Cody said his Cross Rhodes sucked. He says all will be forgiven, if he just kisses the ring. MJF holds-up the ring and the guy kisses it, but then MJF hits him with the Cross Rhodes anyway.

MJF says he heard Cody’s offer last week but he says he doesn’t need his crap or his money. He says he has enough money to last a lifetime and insults the fans. He says the only thing he wants, is for Cody to suffer. MJF says that Cody is one of the best in the world and nobody can touch him on the mic. Except for one guy. And for some reason Cody went after that guy, calling him a knockoff Chris Jericho. He says that one must have taken him hours.

MJF says that Cody called his scarf fake but that is ironic because when he thinks of the word fake he thinks of Cody. He says Cody’s hair is fake and looks like a cat pissed on it. MJF says Cody’s teeth are fake too, then mocks Cody’s lisp which gets loud boos. MJF asks Cody to get Tony Khan to fire him but says he knows he won’t do that because Cody wants to get his hands on MJF more than anything in the world. MJF says the fans want to see it more than anything. Well guess what? MJF accepts.

MJF says he’ll take the match but there will be stipulations to it, and he’ll give him those stipulations in Jacksonville on January 1, 2020. He says he needs Cody to remember that he is in control because he is better than him.

*Commercial Break*

Big Swole Vs. Emi Sakura

Hikaru Shida is shown watching at ringside. Swole takes Emi down to the mat with a test of strength, but Sakura powers back up and whips Swole into the corner. Swole flips over Sakura and hits a hip toss followed by a cartwheel into a back kick for a two-count. Sakura comes back with a snapmare and then a hair whip.

Sakura takes Swole down with a drop toehold before putting her in a Mexican surfboard. Sakura does a series of rolling surfboards and then puts her in a bridging chinlock as we head to the break.

*Commercial Break*

Back from the break, Swole goes for a roundhouse kick but Sakura ducks and Swole attempts a leg sweep but Emi leaps over it only for Swole to catch her with a headbutt. Swole hits a wheelbarrow slam and then a running knee for a near-fall.

Sakura counters Swole into a roll of the dice for a two-count. Sakura hits a splash in the corner and follows up with a butterfly backbreaker. Sakrua crawls and grabs her mic stand and looks to hit Swole with it but the referee cuts her off. Swole grabs Sakura only for her to put her in a submission using the mic, until the referee pulls the the foreign object away from her.

Swole hits a spear, followed by an enziguri from the apron. Swole goes for a shoulder tackle through the ropes but Sakura catches her with a hanging neckbreaker. Sakura hits a Vader Bomb for a near-fall. Sakura takes to the top rope and attempts a moonsault but Swole moves. Swole looks for a big boot but Sakura dodges it. Swole lands a series of strikes, then connects with a pump kick for another near-fall.

Swole goes for Dirty Dancing but Sakura ducks it and hits a clothesline of her own. Sakura attempts a clothesline but Swole counters into Dirty Dancing for the pin.

Winner: Big Swole

PAC is interviewed backstage. He’s asked what kind of message he’s trying to send Kenny Omega. PAC says he came to AEW for one reason: opportunity. Yet since he has come to AEW, he has gotten nothing but scarps. He tells AEW to give him his rubber match or he won’t be held accountable for what he does.

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