Roman Reigns Dog Food Forced Feeding Segment Scores With Fans

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Roman Reigns might have had other plans when it came to how Friday Night SmackDown should have ended for him. He certainly didn’t see himself being chained up and force fed dog food.

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This bit of feeding Alpo to The Big Dog might have been gross, but fans have responded. The current YouTube viewing numbers show that SmackDown closing angle is winning considerably out of all the videos released last night.

As of this writing, Roman Reigns’ dog food segment has 25,000 more views than the actual match between the Big Dog and Dolph Ziggler. Obviously, fans wanted to see this conclusion.

We’ll have to see how this translates going into TLC. Roman Reigns and King Corbin are set to face each other in a Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match. Now dog food could certainly be in play as well.

You can check out a screen shot of the YouTube results below. We have put arrows pointing to both segments featuring Roman Reigns with the dog food bit on top.

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