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There isn’t much announced for tonight’s show, but that only means it could be loaded with surprises.

Daniel Bryan could show up bald or with much shorter hair after Bray Wyatt seemingly snatched him bald last week.

Roman Reigns will battle Dolph Ziggler tonight in a singles match. We’ll just see how that one turns out as King Corbin and Roman Reigns are preparing for a TLC match on December 15th.


King Corbin also promised to embarrass Roman Reigns even more tonight. Let’s just see if he has any more doggy poop bag jokes to throw out there.

Opening Segment – Miz TV

The Miz came out and said his guest was supposed to be Daniel Bryan, but due to the horrific events of last week Daniel isn’t coming out. He has “virtually disappeared.”

Then Miz talked about how he’s known Bryan for a long time and he knows him better than anyone in WWE. He said The Fiend “yanked” the Yes Movement away and Bryan is nowhere to be found now.

Miz said he cares about Bryan and he will get to the bottom of this. Then the Firefly Fun House started on the big screen.

Wyatt ribbed Miz for trying to solve the mystery. Wyatt said he doesn’t want to know what happened to Daniel because “he could be with him…. and he might not be done with him yet.”

Wyatt then said since Daniel can’t play at TLC maybe Miz will play instead. Then Miz said that’s not what family’s all about. Ramblin Rabbit tried to tell Miz to run saying that family was the word of the day. Wyatt said he used to have a family and then they flashed Wyatt Family images.

Now Wyatt wants a new family and he held up a picture of Miz’s family. “So do you want to come play with me now?”

The Miz stormed off looking for Bray Wyatt and the Firefly Fun House ended.

The Miz was on his phone after commercials telling Maryse to lock the doors. He’s coming home. He’s not playing with The Fiend. Oh, Mandy Rose is out next.

Mandy Rose vs Alexa Bliss

Jessika Carr is the referee for this match.

Bliss nailed a back elbow and Mandy went outside. Bliss went for a slide out of the ring and Rose booted her in the face. Then Rose bounced Bliss’ face off the apron and threw her in for a two count.

Rose pulled off Bliss’ eyelashes and hit a dropkick. Then Rose covered for a pin, but her feet were under the ropes so Carr wouldn’t count the pin.

Rose kept the pressure on Bliss as she screamed “You will never look like me.” Bliss grabbed her by the throat and slammed her down and then laid in some right hands and a basement dropkick.

Sonya tried to get involved, but Nikki Cross nailed her with a cross body. Then Bliss put Mandy down and went up top for a Twisted Bliss for the win.

Winner: Alexa Bliss

They made a point to show that ripping eyelashes off Bliss’ face bit over again and they showed the eyelashes on the mat. Expect to see that scene in a montage sooner or later.

Dana Brooke, Drake Maverick & Elias

Brooke was in catering…. then Drake Maverick walked up and asked her about her date with Batista. Drake said he’s feeling rejected because they had something last week. “What does Dave Bautista have that I don’t?”

Then Elias walked in and sang an upbeat little number while Dana Brooke clapped her hands. Elias said Batista is a millionaire and he’s tall and Drake would have better action with a blow-up doll and the only action he’s getting is with tissues. That’s a masturbation joke. Then Elias threw in a couple of lines about how he’s apparently banging Drake Maverick’s wife.

Drake Maverick left and he was pissed. Dana asked Elias, “Is that really true about his wife?” He said: “No… but it is going to happen.” — Cut to commercial —

Drake Maverick is in the ring now saying that everyone thinks this is funny and everyone said it was. People think it’s funny and chanted “yes.” He told Elias that nobody makes a mockery of him, his marriage, or his wife. Then Drake told Elias to come out because he’s looking to fight.

Elias and Dana Brooke walked out together. Corey asked “what’s big Dave think about this? Then again it is 2019 you never know what anybody’s into anymore.” Yikes.

Elias just made a fool out of Drake at first and avoided a punch before picking him up just to put him over his knee and spank him like a toddler.

Then Elias punted Maverick out of the ring. There was no referee. This wasn’t a match. This was just a beat-down segment. Maverick ended up leaving while holding him bum and then Brooke threw him back in for a Drift Away.

Dana went in the ring and covered Drake with one foot as Elias counted to three.

The Miz was leaving the building in a hurry. Then he saw a room with a red light on. He busted through the door and they just so happened to have a camera on the other side to catch that angle. He saw a picture of Wyatt Photoshopped into a picture of The Miz’s family.

“Say cheese” Wyatt said sneaking up from being The Miz. Sister Abigail — in the dark — Wyatt sang “there’s no place like home for the holidays” and left.

After the commercial, The Miz was being helped up by a referee.

Shorty G & Mustafa Ali vs Lucha House Party vs The Revival vs Heavy Machinery

#1 contender’s match for a TLC title shot.

This match was fast-paced and everyone tried to get their stuff in. Tucker was able to throw a dropkick as high as Lince Dorado and that was impressive. Kofi gave him props on commentary.

Lucha House Party got a bunch of people out of the ring and hit a double flip. Then Heavy Machinery pinned Metalik and Lucha House Party were eliminated.

The Revival took out Otis during the commercial break. Then Dash took care of Tucker. Shorty got the tag and Tucker threw him across the ring. Dawson took the tag and he took a high back drop from Tucker then Otis got back in and he took a hot tag. Dawson tried to stop Otis, but the big guy only seemed to like it more and he threw Dawson. Wilder tagged himself in and Otis knocked him outside. So Otis did a Caterpillar on Dawson so Wilder did a sunset flip pin on Otis for a three count because he was legal.

The Revival squared off against Shorty G and Ali now. They fought outside the ring and The Revival taunted The New Day. Then Ali and G threw The Revival into the New Day. There were pancakes everywhere.

Shorty hit The Revival with a double German Suplex and Ali almost pinned Dash with a great double team pinning move. Ali went for a dive, but Dash turned it into a powerslam for a two count.

Ali nailed a tornado DDT and climbed up top for the 450, but Dawson pulled Dash out. Ali went for a dive, but they caught him and threw him in the timekeeper’s area. G got the tag before Ali jumped. Then Shorty got an ankle lock on Dash and Dawson hit him with an uppercut. Dawson got the tag and hit the Shatter Machine for the win.

Winners: The Revival

After the match, The Revival cut a mean promo about how they’re going to go back to the basics and win at TLC with pure tag team wrestling.

Roman Reigns cut a backstage promo about King Corbin. He said the only thing that is humiliating is the fact that King Corbin needs Ziggler and Roode. He said he’s going embarrass Corbin at TLC.

Lacey Evans vs Haley Jones

They’re feeding Lacey Evans an enhancement talent. That’s a good plan to help re-build her Women’s Right. Evans won very quickly.

Winner: Lacey Evans

Sasha Banks came out next and she had a microphone. Banks told Evans to “leave that little country butt in there” because they have some business to take care of.

Banks came to the ring and trash talked Evans and called her trashed and mentioned her daughter. Then Evans went off on her. She reminded Banks that she’s a Marine and they taught her about fighting and then she said to get in the ring and Banks will get dropped.

Banks got in the ring and Evans acted like she was going to hit Women’s Right and Sasha fell and squealed. Evans left, and Bayley ambushed her from behind. Then the two beat Evans down. Lacey Evans made a nice transition to babyface.

Roman Reigns vs Dolph Ziggler

Ziggler got the upperhand early on by using some heel tactics. He gouged at Roman’s eyes and latched on a headlock. Then Roman nailed a right hand as Dolph jumped up to hit him with a splash. Roman went outside and Roman missed a drive-by as Dolph drove him into the steel steps.

Ziggler taunted Roman Reigns telling him to “do something!” Then Roman took a turnbuckle to the face before he went outside. Ziggler drove Roman into the barricade and rolled him into side a two count.

Ziggler latched on a headlock and Roman started to rally and create some separation. Reigns countered a neckbreaker and hit a clothesline. Then Roman clotheslined Ziggler over the top rope only to run outside and then he went for a Superman Punch, but Ziggler caught him with a Superkick.

King Corbin came out with a bunch of people carrying him on his throne. Very majestic.

King Corbin watched on as Ziggler kicked out after a Superman Punch. Ziggler nailed a Zig Zag for a two count next. Corbin distracted the referee and then Roman hit Corbin with a Superman Punch off the apron.

Reigns hit the spear on Ziggler and 1-2-3 it’s over.

Winner: Roman Reigns

Reigns ran around and hit a drive-by on Corbin and two of the guys who carried him to the ring. Then a few of those guys tried to fight Roman. The Big Dog laid waste to everyone until Corbin jumped Reigns from behind.

Someone under the ring grabbed Roman’s leg and it distracted him enough for Corbin to jump him, but Roman sent King Corbin over the announce table.

Reigns cleared off the announce table and then he set up for a powerbomb, but Ziggler nailed a Superkick on Reigns. Ziggler got handcuffs from under the ring and locked Roman to the ring around the ring post.

Reigns fought out of it, but then he son had 8 people on him. They tied Roman to the ring post and started to beat him as he was tied up. This was pretty brutal and the crowd booed. Then they poured a can of soft dog food into Roman’s mouth. Yup. Dog food for the Big Dog.

“Eat up Big Dog!” Ziggler said as they punched him again. Roman ended SmackDown tied up and covered in dog food as the referees finally ran Ziggler and Corbin off.

They were very proud of themselves.

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