WWE Still Making Changes To TLC Card

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WWE doesn’t have much time at all to prepare for TLC. They have three more shows for the main roster, but so far not one match for the December 15th pay-per-view has been announced.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that Vince McMahon has changed things several times in regards to TLC. He seems to be wavering on what kind of gimmick matches to put people in.

McMahon has also changed course several times. As of last word, Reigns vs. Corbin will be a stipulation match while Rusev vs. Lashley won’t, but that can all change.

Given Vince McMahon’s new mindset when it comes to booking pay-per-view events, it’s no wonder that there are no matches announced. It would still be nice to know for everyone’s benefit what is going to happen at TLC.

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