AEW has plenty of people on their roster, but they can’t all wrestle every week. Awesome Kong has worked three matches for AEW and only one of them was a singles match. There is a reason for that.

Dave Meltzer explained on Wrestling Observer Radio that Awesome Kong is banged up after a long career. She hasn’t wrestled very often for AEW, but she is still around for other reasons.

“See, the deal with Kong is that you know, Kong’s beat up and there’s not a lot she can really do in the ring. So you do stuff like this because Kong’s kinda famous and you can do things where she’s kinda hidden and stuff. She doesn’t do long matches like everybody else.”

It was noted that the Nightmare Collective segment was “almost universally disliked.” That isn’t a testament to how well Brandi Rhodes and Awesome Kong did as heels either.


We’ll probably see Awesome Kong wrestle in AEW again, but the fact that she’s not wrestling often isn’t a sign that she isn’t working. Kong is also involved in putting together matches for the AEW Women’s Division backstage as well.

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