EC3’s Recent Concussion Was ‘Pretty Rough’

EC3 claims that he’s 100% healthy, but that might not be the complete truth.

We heard reports of EC3 dealing with a concussion. This was followed by him saying that he’s “100% healthy and I will never die.” He was trying to sell “Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself” t-shirts as well.

Sean Ross Sapp said on Fightful Select Q&A that EC3 is coming out of his concussion status. This one was “pretty rough” as it kept him out of the ring for months.

“He’s been battling a concussion and from what I’m told he’s coming out of it a little bit now, but I heard this one was pretty rough.”

EC3 has been making online appearances while he cut promos to sell t-shirts. He seems to be doing better so hopefully he can get back to action soon.