Tommaso Ciampa is one of the most popular faces on NXT and he will likely be a part of that brand for a long time. In fact, he would rather retire than get called up to the WWE main roster at this point.

While speaking to Chasing Glory, Tommaso Ciampa discussed time in his life before wrestling really started working for him. He hadn’t met his wife yet and was working at Fridays as a server. That time in his life ultimately led to a suicide attempt.

This was during that time when he started experimenting with whatever pills would get him through the next miserable portion of his day.

So I go to OVW, have that rough experience of just, oh, I don’t have life experience. When I get released, I come back to New England and I’m just in this halt of trying to figure it out. So this is before I meet Jessie [his wife], I’m at a halt, trying to figure out what the heck I’m doing.”


“I’m working at a Fridays as a server and wrestling is not going all that great. I also had a banged up knee, it wasn’t bad, but I had to get a scope on, so physically I’m not feeling my best, the whole thing. So when I was at Fridays, when I was a kid in high school I had drank a couple of times, I wasn’t a partier, I didn’t get into anything, and somewhere during that stretch of serving and stuff, I started getting into pills, and I have no idea, I don’t even know what I was taking.”

“At the time, I definitely wouldn’t have said I had a problem because it was one of those things where like a couple of other co-workers would be taking something, ‘Oh, just take it, it’ll get you through this miserable shift.’ So I’d take a couple of things and I’d notice, oh, there are these few people who might come in as guests who tend to also have stuff. It just got from one of those, oh, I’ll take a couple when someone gives them to me or whatever to I will seek them out to, I hit a point where, I would never name him, I just remember one older gentlemen who would come to our bar all the time, he definitely had a lot of prescriptions given to him for various things, and I would just take a handful of them.”

Thankfully, Tommaso Ciampa was able to make it through that dark portion of his life and he is doing much better now. He found much better ways of dealing with pain and he was also eventually able to leave that server job at Fridays for much better days.

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