Kevin Owens Thanks AOP For Helping Him Leave WWE RAW Early

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Kevin Owens was dragged away by AOP this week on RAW. He was able to get away, but the last fans saw of him he was in the middle of receiving a brutal attack.

The next day, Owens was able to provide more of an update about how he was able to get away from AOP. In fact, they did him a favor because he was able to get out of Nashville last night to surprise his wife at home.

Not only did I escape but being dragged out so quickly enabled me to catch a flight last night (still in my gear), surprise my wife by coming home early and drop my kids off at school this morning!

So @Rezar_WWE, @Akam_WWE, thanks!

I’ll see you two giant numbnuts next week…

Akam and Rezar probably didn’t intend on helping Kevin Owens in his quest to be a great husband and father, but they apparently played a big part in it. We’ll just have to see what’s in store for KO next week, but this probably isn’t the last we’ve seen of this storyline.

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