Welcome to Ringside News’ live results coverage for WWE Raw on December 2nd.
We’re still a few weeks away from WWE TLC and it seems like WWE is still putting the pieces together for the PPV. We say that because tonight’s Raw appears real light on content or planning, at least based on the preview revealed by WWE.
The only announced match for tonight sees Charlotte face both Kairi Sane and Asuka tonight in a handicap match, but it seems highly likely Becky Lynch will come out and help her at some point.
Also tonight, Seth Rollins will apologise to the WWE Universe and the locker room for his actions last week…or so he says. Rollins turned full heel last week and it was a breath of fresh air, so tonight should see that downturn continue for the architect.
And that’s the tiny preview for tonight’s WWE Raw. Sometimes the less the company announced the more intruging the show is, so let’s hope that’s the case tonight. Remember to follow us on Instagram and Twitter, and download the free Ringside News app. Enjoy the show!


Monday Night Raw opens with Charly Caruso in the parking lot and up pulls a black van. Akam and Rezar step out and Charly stops them to asky why they attacked Kevin Owens last week. They respond in Albanian and Punjabi, then say she looks lovely and walk off.

Seth Rollins makes his way to the ring. The architect recounts what happened last week, when he brought the Raw roster out and berated everyone. He once again says everybody sucked but that was too harsh. He says it was coming from a good place, his heart, because this isn’t just a job, it’s his life. And the people in the back aren’t just his co-workers, they are his family. As the head of the family, he feels it is his job to motivate the locker room and get the best from everyone…but he may have gone overboard. So he wants to apologise.
Rollins apologises to the fans, who just boo him in response. Rollins apologises to the Raw locker room, specifically Kevin Owens, then asks Owens to come to the ring so he can apologise face-to-face.Kevin Owens comes out and joins Seth in the ring. Owens asks the fans if they can smell BS? He asks if the closest members of his so-called family are the AOP? Seth says he had nothing to do with it and he’s sorry. Owens says he knows Seth is lying because his lips are moving.
Akam and Rezar are out next, in suits, and start talking in Punjabi and Albanian, while the fans “What?” them. Finally, they ask if Rollins and Owens want to team-up to face them tonight. Rollins says he can’t speak for KO but he’s in. Owens says that one of three things can happen, and all of them end with the three of them beat the crap out of him. So let’s get that over with now. Rollins holds his hands up and says he tried, that Owens is on his own. Seth drops his mic and leaves up the ramp. He comes face-to-face with AOP and they step aside to let him through.
Owens tells Akam and Rezar to come down and fight him but instead, they walk to the back. Owens continues on and says that he’s in the ring and he’s ready to go, so why not someone indulge him? We see Bobby Lashley and Lana walking in the back, he’s seemingly going to answer the call.
*Commercial Break*
We’re back and out comes Lana. She says Monday Night Raw is all about her, then poses. Owens yells “no-one cares”. Lana tries to talk but he shouts “I’m vomiting in my mouth right now”. She says Rusev won’t be here tonight because she’s filed another restraining order. She says Rusev is a danger to her and society, so if he shows-up today he will go to jail for a long time. Owens says that it’s incredible how she can speak so much and say so little. He says she is beautiful on the outside but vile on the inside, to which she says he is as basic as every other man. Lana says the Almighty will come out and finish-off KO, which he welcomes. Two police follow behind them to the ring.

Bobby Lashley W/Lana Vs. Kevin Owens

Lashley and Owens lock-up and Bobby shoves Owens into the corner. Lashley drops KO with a shoulder, then tackles him in the corner. Owens kicks him back, then runs into a spinebuster. Lashley throws Owens from the ring and goes after him but gets tripped on the apron and Owens hits a senton on the floor.
*Commercial Break*
Back live and Owens squishes Lashley with a cannonball in the corner for a two-count. Owens looks for a springboard moonsault but nobody’s home. Bobby follows-up with a big lariat, then unleashes some ground and pound. Lashley hits Owens with a shoulder in the corner but gets caught with a superkick when looking for another.
Owens looks for the Stunner but Lashley counters into a neckbreaker for a two-count. Bobby hits a side-roll dominator for a near-fall. Lashley grabs Owens in the full nelson but KO elbows himself free and hits a pop-up powerbomb. Akam and Rezar stomp down to the ring and beat on Owens.


Winner Via Disqualification: Kevin Owens

AOP drag Owens to the outside and slam him into the barricade, while Lashley moves Lana around out of danger. Owens tries to fight back on the ramp but gets beaten down. They literally drag him to the back.

*Commercial Break*
Charly Caruso is in the ring with Bobby Lashley and Lana. Charly asks about AOP’s attack on Kevin Owens and the Almighty says he was about to beat Owens again. Lana says she’s tired of the crowd booing them. Rusev runs in the ring from the crowd and drops Lashley with a Matcha Kick. The security gets in the ring, but Rusev runs off as a “Rusev Day” chant begins.
Charly Caruso has come down to the ringside and she holds a microphone up as Lashley berates the police offers. They say they do things differently in Tennessee and Lashley shoves him out of the way. The officer then grabs Lashley and arrests him while the other reads him his rights. Lana screams at them that they’re only dong this because they’re fans of Rusev, then slaps one of them. The officer then cuffs Lana and walks them both to the back!
*Commercial Break*
We see a clip from the commercial, in which Lana and Lashley were put on a squad car and taken away.

Drew McIntyre Vs. Akira Tozawa

The bell rings and they come face-to-face to show the huge size difference. Tozawa takes Drew’s back but the Scotsman turns the tables and slams him with ease. McIntyre drops to his knees and holds his fists up, then tells him to leave or he will beat his ass. Tozawa turns to leave but then hits a dropkick.
Tozawa knocks McIntyre from the ring then hits a suicide dive. McIntyre shoves Tozawa off his feet, then hits an inverted Alabama Slam on the floor. Drew throws Akira into the ring and applies a rear chinlock. McIntyre chops the chest of Tozawa before hitting a massive overhead suplex. Tozawa dropkicks Drew’s knee, then hits an enziguiri and a missile dropkick.
Tozawa looks for an inverted hurricanrana but Drew stays on his feet. McIntyre looks for the inverted Alabama Slam but Tozawa rolls through for a pin attempt but Drew kicks out. Both men hit the ropes but McIntyre turns Tozawa inside out with a Claymore Kick for the win.

Winner: Drew McIntyre

After the match, McIntyre says “that was fun, wasn’t it Nashville?” The fans cheer. Drew says that the problem with people nowadays is that they don’t confront each other. Instead they take their problems to social media and talk cryptically because they’re cowards. Not him though, he likes to be direct. So he’s calling out Randy Orton, right now!
*Commercial Break*

Back from commercial and Randy Orton hasn’t arrived. Drew calls him out again and says he knows why Orton is mad at him – they show the footage of the chopping contest the two had last week on Raw. Drew mocks Orton with the “stupid” chant, then calls him out again.

Randy Orton comes to the ring and asks Drew if he’s serious? Is this really his problem? Orton turns to leave and Drew calls him back, demanding respect. McIntyre says that Orton walks around like he owns the place and he gets it, he’s Randy Orton; future Hall of Famer, etc. He says Orton was the most ferocious man in WWE but in 2019 he’s the most ferocious man on Twitter. But he’s Drew McIntyre; he’s bigger and stronger than Randy. Drew says Randy is the past and he is the future, the Claymore Kick is the new “outta nowhere” move.
Randy says he is indeed Randy Orton. He’s earned his respect and the ability to do as he pleases. As far as he’s concerned, they’re good, but if Drew feels differently they can solve it right now. They come face-to-face but The O.C.’s music hits.
AJ still can’t speak from last week, so Anderson and Gallows say that Randy ruins lives. They say he has ruined AJ’s life because he cost him the United States Championship. Karl asks him if he’s OK a few times but AJ says he isn’t. He says it would make him feel a lot better if he got his hands on Randy Orton.
Drew McIntyre says this isn’t his problem, so he gets out of the ring and leaves. Styles, Anderson, and Gallows climb onto the apron and attack Randy 3-on-1. They beat Orton down until Ricochet comes out to make the save. He attacks Anderson, forcing him to the corner but he quickly gets beaten down. Humberto Carrillo is out next and he attacks The O.C. as well but he’s beaten down. Finally, the United States Champion, Rey Mysterio comes down and he knocks AJ and Gallows from the ring, while Ricochet knocks Anderson out.
*Commercial Break*
Randy Orton, Rey Mysterio, Ricochet, and Humberto Carrillo are backstage. Rey asks if Randy is OK and he says he appreciates the assistance but he didn’t need it.

Tony Nese Vs. Aleister black

The match gets underway and they lock-up, with Nese taking the back. Black counters into a wrist-lock but Nese rolls out. Black takes a headlock but Nese kips-out, then they exchange dodges and counters. We see Buddy Murphy watching on a monitor backstage.

Black flips over the back of Nese before taking him down with a roll. Black fakes a dive to the outside and sits in the middle of the ring to stare at Nese. Tony gets back in the ring but Black kicks him hard in the leg and Nese rests on the ropes. The referee forces Black back but Nese uses the distraction to poke the eye. Nese beats on Black and looks for a pumphandle slam but Black lands on his feet. Nese hits a running bulldog onto the ropes.
Nese looks for a springboard moonsault but Black gets his knees up. Aleister delivers sharp knees to the gut, followed by a back elbow, a teep, and a jumping knee that drops Nese. Black lifts Nese with his boot and hits Black Mass for the win.

Winner: Aleister Black

Charly Caruso approaches Buddy Murphy backstage and asks if he regrets knocking on Black’s door last week. He says he’s still feeling the affects of last week but Aleister takes himself too seriously. He says Buddy Murphy is cool and collected and Black needs to calm down. But if he doesn’t want to, he’ll be happy to be the one who does it for him.
Andrade makes his way to the ring, flanked by Zelina Vega. He’ll be in  action after the break.
*Commercial Break*

Eric Young Vs. Andrade W/Zelina Vega

The match begins with a feeling-out process, in which Andrade takes Young down with a wristlock. Young kips-up and cartwheels out before forcing Andrade to the corner. Andrade counters with strikes in the corner, then whips Young to the opposite turnbuckles and connects with a knee.
Young takes to the top rope but Andrade chops him and climbs up. Young punches Andrade down and lands an elbow drop for a two-count. Andrade counters a back suplex but gets hit with a clothesline in the corner. Young climbs the buckles but gets pulled off by the foot. Andrade connects with a running kick for a two-count.
Young fights up and out of an armbar and hits a jawbreaker. Two lariats from Eric but then he’s clocked with a boot. Young counters a wheelbarrow bulldog with a neckbreaker. Young heads up top and looks for the elbow drop again but Andrade knocks him down in the corner and hits double knees. Hammerlock DDT from Andrade and the 123.

Winner: Andrade

WWE 24/7 Champion R-Truth runs down to ringside and hides near Nascar Champions Kyle Busch and Michael Waltrip. They send the Superstars chasing Truth in another direction. Waltrip then takes off his jacket to reveal a referee’s shirt. Busch rolls R-Truth up to win the WWE 24/7 Championship! Kyle Busch is the WWE 24/7 Champion. They run off and R-Truth cannot believe it.

*Commercial Break*
Seth Rollins is walking backstage with his suitcase and Charly stops him. She says Seth said everybody is his family, so why didn’t he help Owens earlier tonight? Rollins laughs and says Kevin didn’t want his helped, he tried. Caruso says a lot of people are questioning his sincerity and Seth asks what she wants him to say. He says there’s nothing he can say or do, he’s damned if he does or if he doesn’t. He’s always the villain. He says everyone is a critic but not everyone has the guts to be a leader.
We see a replay of last week on Raw, when Rey Mysterio won a Fatal 4-Way match, then beat AJ Styles for the United States Championship. Rey will team With Ricochet and Carrillo tonight to face The O.C.
Erick Rowan is shown talking into his bird cage thing and whispering sweet nothings.
*Commercial Break*

No Way Jose Vs. Erick Rowan

Members of Jose’s conga line attempt to look at Rowan’s bird-cage, so he attacks them tossing them into the barricade. Jose comes out and Rowan slams him into the steps. Rowan chases the conga line to the back, then knocks Jose down on the outside with a shoulder.
Rowan puts Jose back in the ring and drops him with a lariat. He lifts Jose and hits the face-hugger chokeslam and goes for the pin but stops it himself. Rowan hits another chokeslam and pins for the win.

Winner: Erick Rowan

The Kabuki Warriors are getting warmed-up backstage, they’ll be in action after the break.
*Commercial Break*

We see Erick Rowan backstage and he’s asked what is in the cage by Sarah Schreiber. She asks over and over but Rowan stares her down and walks off. Surely it’s The Gobbledy Gooker’s youngling?

2-On-1 Handicap

The kabuki warriors Vs. Charlotte Flair

Before the match can officially start, Asuka and Sane attack Charlotte and beat her down in the corner. Asuka starts with Flair, who forces her to the corner where Sane tags in. The Kabuki Warriors make use of quick tags to keep Flair in the corner and kick her over and over.
Flair knocks Sane from the apron but then Asuka hits her with a hip attack. Asuka kicks the leg of Charlotte repeatedly, but Charlotte shoves her away and clotheslines Sane on the apron. Charlotte tosses Asuka to the outside, then knocks them both down with a baseball slide. Flair gets pulled by the hair and rammed into the barricade. Asuka gets her back in the ring but the action spills out again as Kairi tries to pull Charlotte from the apron.
Flair slams Kairi into the barricade and slaps her, but Asuka comes out and attacks her. Back in the ring, Asuka kicks the back of Flair, then Sane looks to cheap-shot her but Asuka inadvertently hits Kairi. Flair hits Asuka, then dives over the ropes onto both of them. Flair puts Asuka inside the ring and steps in with her as we head to the break.
*Commercial Break*
Back live and Asuka drills Flair with a hip attack in the corner. Sane tags in and hits Charlotte with forearms. Sane stomps to the corner and hits a sliding clothesline for a one-count. Asuka tags in and looks for a German suplex but Flair elbows her. Asuka counters Flair and hits a leg-trap German suplex and tags Sane, who goes up top.

Sane jumps but gets booted, then Asuka comes in and she too gets kicked. Charlotte sets them side-by-side and takes to the top, where she hits a moonsault…but both got their knees up. Sane looks for a dropkick but Flair catches her with a Boston crab. Asuka kicks Flair to break the hold. Asuka delivers a few kicks but Charlotte counters into the Figure Four, only for Asuka to reverse into a triangle hold.
Sane returns and drills Flair before taking to the top rope. Flair hits Kairi and climbs up with her. Asuka climbs up too and they brawl until Charlotte falls and Kairi hits a double stomp to the back for a near-fall. Flair reverses Asuka and hits both of them with a spear for a near-fall. Charlotte attacks Asuka’s left knee and looks for another spear but Asuka dodges it – Sane blind-tagged in. Flair drops Asuka and applies the Figure Four…but Sane comes off the top with the Insane Elbow to break the hold and wins.

Winner: the kabuki warriors

*Commercial Break*

The Viking Raiders Vs. Mark Sterling & Mitchell Lyons

The match begins with Erik and Mitchell. Erik clobbers Lyons, then drags him over to Sterling, but he gets off the apron and turns to leave. Ivar runs around and clobbers him. Erik body slams Ivar onto Sterling on the floor. They get back in the ring and smash Lyons into the corner with a clothesline, then a dropkick, then Erik throws Ivar into him. The Viking Experience ends the match.

Winners: The Viking Raiders

Ricochet is talking to Carrillo and Mysterio backstage, and he says all he wants is to prove that superheroes are real…but tonight that gets put aside in order to shut The O.C. up. Humberto says that, since he debuted in WWE, The O.C. has been a thorn in his side. Carrillo speaks Spanish to Rey, who says the honour is all his. Mysterio says he’s honoured to be teaming with the future of the business. He directs his attention to The O.C. and asks if they’re ready to face the future and the legend?
*Commercial Break*
The babyfaces make their way to the ring for the main event. The O.C. cut a promo backstage before making their entrance and they address Randy Orton first. They say Randy should take note of what the do in the main event.

*Commercial Break*

Humberto Carrillo, Rey Mysterio, & Ricochet Vs. The O.C.

The match gets underway with Carrillo and Karl Anderson. Headlock from Karl, shot-off, leapfrog, dodge, and enziguiri from Carrillo. Ricochet tags in and teams with Carrillo to hit a double-arm drag, then a double-rolling arm-drag.
Carrillo tags in again but Karl forces him to his own corner and tags AJ Styles. Chop to the chest from Styles but Humberto fires back with a kick and a springboard headbutt for a one-count. Styles knocks Carrillo to the floor, where Gallows drops him with a clothesline. Styles goes out and slams him into the barricade, then sends him back in and tags Gallows.
The big man lands a running elbow drop, followed by repeated elbow strikers to Carrillo. Gallows applies a sleeper but Carrillo fights up, only to get dropped with a forearm. Carrillo counters a suplex and hits a jawbreaker.
Tags made to Mysterio and Anderson, with the former knocking the latter from the ring with a headscissors. Rey knocks Gallows into the ring post and connects with a 619 around the post. Rey knocks AJ onto the middle rope and looks for the 619 but Anderson pulls him from the ring and whips him into the ring post.
*Commercial Break*
Back from the final break and Gallows hits Rey with a stalling vertical suplex for a two-count. Mysterio fights back against Luke and tags are made to Ricochet and Styles.
Ricochet comes in with a flying forearm, followed by a headscissors takedown and knocking Gallows from the apron. Ricochet hits AJ with a springboard clothesline, followed by a running shooting star press for a near-fall. Ricochet heads up top and looks for the 450 but has to jump over Karl Anderson, before kicking him to the floor.
Ricochet rolls-up AJ, who kicks him off and Karl punches Ricochet, allowing Styles to hit a wheelbarrow facebuster for a near-fall. AJ wants the Styles Clash but Ricochet knocks him back and hits the Recoil. Karl breaks-up the pin but Rey runs and hits him with the 619. Gallows knocks Rey from the apron but Carrillo hits him with a twisting senton on the floor.
Inside the ring, Ricochet counters the Styles Clash with a roll-up for a near-fall. AJ hits a Pele kick, then sets Ricochet on the top rope. He can’t land a superplex but Ricochet flips off the post for a moonsault to Anderson on the floor. Ricochet looks for a springboard hurricanrana but AJ counters with an avalanche Styles Clash and the win!

Winners: The O.C.

After the match, Styles celebrates alone in the ring…but in comes Randy Orton from behind with an RKO. Orton poses on the top rope to end the show.

And that’s it for Monday Night Raw. I’ll be back on Wednesday night for AEW Dynamite results but stay tuned to Ringside News until then for all your wrasslin’ news. Safe travels!

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