Victoria is wrapping up her pro wrestling career this year. She is doing one more run of indie shows and then she says that she is hanging up her boots for good.

She had a legendary career, but she is not a WWE Hall Of Famer. As Victoria spoke to Chasing Glory, she revealed why she left WWE. She didn’t want to become a bitter veteran in the locker room and decided to leave WWE after having one final match with Michelle McCool.

“Because I still loved the business and I didn’t want to be the bitter vet, that leaves going, crapping on them. I wanted to leave still happy and loving what I did. I didn’t know I was going to retire, I never said retire because you never say retire in wrestling.”

“Look at Ric Flair, obviously. When you walk to the cars after the show, the fans are at the cages, the fence, and they want to get their glimpse of the wrestler, and they’re going, ‘Are you serious? I can totally tell you helped that girl in this move.’ They stopped believing in my character. They were like, ‘How did you lose to this.’ I understand what my job was, to get the other girl over as a heel. I would have loved to be a trainer. I wish I would have said could I just train the girls like what Fit Finlay does. But I was like, the fans are not believing this and I was like, walking out back, just ashamed, like I’m going ‘Wow, I’m not giving my all, this is not me.’ It was just getting to me and I went to talk to Vince, Johnny Ace, and Stephanie, and said I would like to ask for my release, I have two more years, but I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up.”


“I really, really was lost, I was like, maybe I need to spend more time with the family, to work on the marriage. I didn’t know. Because you’re still a big kid, we’re wrestling, you’re a big kid out there getting to play. And I said, ‘I want to leave loving the business, and I still love it,’ and Vince says, ‘Anything you want. Is there anything we can do for you?’ And I said, ‘Just one last match,’ and it was with Michelle McCool, and I remember her pinning me, and her saying ‘I love you.’ And that’s what closed the door.”

“And then coming backstage, the most awesome standing ovation from all the boys and all the agents and stuff like that. It’s like, ‘Oh my God, they watched.’ I was kind of a little surprised. But it was time. I really did, I was like, happy with my decision, I wasn’t bitter. I still loved wrestling, do you know what I mean? You don’t want to get fired, it’s always awful, getting released, something like that, because then you’re gonna be bitter. And I felt like I did what I did, I gave my all, I didn’t care who I lost to, but when the fans start shitting on me, it’s not a good feeling. They’re going, ‘Oh my God, why’d you turn good guy.’ And I’m like, ‘Wasn’t my decision.’”

She was able to leave WWE while still loving wrestling which is more than some can say about their exit from the company. We’ll have to see if Victoria ever shows up in WWE for anything again. She isn’t one that gets an invite first to reunion shows, but you can never say never about anyone eventually coming back into the fold.

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