Eric Bischoff On WWE Using Legends Over Newer Superstars

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Eric Bischoff’s recent stint in WWE didn’t last very long before he was fired. During his time in WWE, he did see some people that he liked. He also saw WWE’s reliance on legends first-hand.

Pancakes and Powerslams recently spoke to Eric Bischoff. During their conversation, he discussed the fact that legends can’t remain a focal point in 2019 because they just can’t run like they used to. This was evident during the RAW Reunion as legends showed up, but they couldn’t do much.

So many of them are so busted up from the years they’ve spent in the ring, that they can’t get involved in any physicality. If you’re on a wrestling show, even if you’re a legend, and you can’t really get involved in any physicality then you’re pretty limited in terms of what you can do. If you’re WWE how you can use them in an entertaining way? They can’t just stand there and wave at the crowd and expect people to get excited about that.

WWE has a lot of options and a roster full of promising Superstars in NXT. Vince McMahon also realizes that he also has some legends that he can call for a nostalgic spike in viewership. Perhaps WWE will eventually figure out a happy medium so they can push new Superstars while still featuring legends.

Thanks to Wrestling Inc for the quote

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