Nyla Rose Says ‘I Don’t Win Matches With My Groin’

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Nyla Rose is positioned to be a huge force in AEW. She is often misunderstood by some fans who have an issue with her as a transgender female. She is totally comfortable with it though and knows how to deal with haters.

While speaking to Ring The Belle, Nyla Rose was asked about how she deals with her transgender status in pro wrestling. Her response was one that came out of many instances of people only caring about one thing. In the end, Nyla put it best by saying “I don’t win matches with my groin” because she’s not Joey Ryan.

I’m not Joey Ryan. I don’t win matches with my groin. So it’s not a point of discussion, it shouldn’t be. It shouldn’t matter. But there’s nothing wrong with the other side of things. If that’s how you choose to express yourself, there are so many different flavors out there. You don’t have to tear someone down to build yourself up just because something isn’t your flavor.

Nyla Rose might have an uphill battle with some fans, but she’s no stranger to adversity. She will continue on with her goal to succeed in pro wrestling while proving any doubters wrong in the process.

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